Korg Volca

Uniquely usable and genuinely groovy, the Korg Volca Series puts the power of synthesis into the hands of the people. No matter if you need a simple drum machine sequencer or want to start getting to grips with modular units, Korg has you covered with this range of awesome machines.


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Synthesizers for Beginners

With their sleek design and focus on key features, the Volca series of instruments are perfect for those looking to take their first steps into the world of sound synthesis. With both digital and analog options across the series, as well as rhythm stations and a sampler, the possibilities are truly endless.

Portable Sound Design

Compact, battery-powered, and with built-in speakers - the Korg Volca range is ideal for those constantly on the move. Whether you long to bring a powerful polyphonic synth to the park or you just need to tweak your latest kick sounds during your commute, these endlessly exciting bits of kit allow you to do it all.


The addition of Motion Sequence functionality to the Volca Series allows you to record knob-movements and parameter editing to apply time-varying changes to your live performances. This massively widens the sonic possibilities of your sequencer and makes playing with the Volca feel dynamic and intuitive.