Korg Volca Bass Analog Bass Synthesizer
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Korg Volca Bass Analog Bass Synthesizer

by Korg
Volca Bass, an analogue bass synthesizer from Korg, powerful analog bass sound with an Electribe-inspired sequencer. Volca Bass – Analogue..

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Volca Bass, an analogue bass synthesizer from Korg, powerful analog bass sound with an Electribe-inspired sequencer.

Volca Bass – Analogue Synthesizer with Sequencer

Aggressive, fat and funky – the sounds the Volca Bass produces simply defy its small and simple stature.

Three Oscillators for Analogue Bass Sound Creation

Digital simulation simply cannot produce the same subtle nuances that you get from an analogue sound engine.

Utilising three oscillators to generate a wide range of incredible bass sounds, the Korg Volca Bass synth gives you some awesome sounds that will stand their own alongside drums and create their own groovy place in the mix.

One-part unison to three-part chords, the three oscillators built into the Volca Bass allow you to create some seriously diverse bass sounds.

Mix and match to produce some awesome sounds; for example you can use a 2+1 combination, allowing you to have one set of oscillators performing at a low pitch while the other produces a higher bitch, effectively producing a bass line and melody simultaneously.

When using the three oscillators together, you could try slightly detuning their pitch thus generating thick unison sounds or you may want to set their pitches apart in a 0, +3 and +7 combination for example to produce some beautifully thick chords.

Legendary Korg Analog Filter

Korg’s analogue filter has been fine-tuned specifically for use with Volca Bass synth.

Using the Cutoff knob to open the filter will give you a brighter, wider sound while closing the filter off produces a more mild, rounder sound.

Turning the Peak knob to increase resonance begins with creating a nicely clean peak while increasing it furthers starts to create some awesome distortion. With resonance distortion being a such an integral aspect to acid music, Korg has tuned it especially to accommodate bass sounds, producing some fantastic results.

Electribe-Inspired Loop Sequencer

Initially part of the Korg Electribe, this loop sequencer was met with universal acclaim and so Korg have incorporated this same idea and modified it to work perfectly with the Volca Bass synthesizer.

Editing is easy with this step sequencer and it allows you to add and remove parts on the fly, putting creativity, inspiration and improvisation in control.

16 step keys allow you to intuitively enter notes while you can visually monitor the note timing within the bar.

You’re also able to enter unique phrases for each of the three oscillators as well as play the touch panel keyboard and record in real time.

An extremely popular musical characteristic for any user of analog synthesizers, acid bass hass a very distinctive “sticky” sounding pitch and filter. The Korg Volca Bass gives you a Slide function which gives the impression of connected steps so anyone can produce great acid sounds, while the slid can be specified for each step.

An Active Step function allows you to skip steps during playback of your sequences. Using this to your advantage, you can create awesome short loop effects and irregular rhythms for dynamic and organic performance on-the-go.

Powerful Analogue Bass Synthesizer

With its unmistakable presence and all the subtle nuances that come with real analogue sound creation, the Korg Volca Bass is an awesome bit of gear that is perfectly suited to any synth set up where bass is required.

With its three highly manipulatable oscillators and the Electribe inspired step sequencer and user-friendly functions, the Volca Bass isn’t just a tool to produce music but a source of inspiration too.

Korg Volca Bass – Analogue Bass Synthesizer Specs:


  • Multi-Touch Keyboard/Step Key


  • Type: Analogue Synthesis
  • Structure: 3VCO, 1VCF, 1VCA, 1LFO, 1EG
  • VCO Wave: Saw, Square
  • VCF: Cutoff, Peak, EG Int
  • VCF Type: Low Pass Filter, 12 db/oct
  • VCA: EG on/of, Sustain on/off
  • LFO: Rate, Int, Target (Amp, Pitch, Cutoff), Wave (Triangle, Square)
  • EG: Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain


  • Number of Parts: 3
  • Number of Steps: 16
  • Number of Recording Patterns: 8


  • Audio Output: Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
  • Sync: Sync In (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V), Sync Out (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V)
  • MIDI: In


  • Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)
  • Power Supply: AA alkaline battery ×6, AA nickel-metal hydride battery ×6 or AC adapter “KA-350” (optional)


  • Accessories: AA alkaline battery ×6 (for verifying operation)
  • Options: AC adapter “KA-350”
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 193 × 115 × 46 mm / 7.61 x 4.54 x 1.82 inches
  • Weight: 370 g / 0.82 lbs (Excluding Batteries)


Weight (kg)8.2000
Software Includedsynckontol iphone app available on app store
Power Supplybattery or optional ac adapter
Warranty2 years
Synthesis Typeanalog

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