Accordions offer up a unique joy and satisfaction that you'll struggle to find anywhere else. If you're looking to learn this traditional instrument or use it to add extra flavour to a musical project then we've got you covered with a selection of wonderful V-Accordions from top brands like Roland.



If you want to pick up an instrument steeped in history and tradition then look no further than an Accordion. These distinctive and iconic instruments are something to behold and have been around since the 19th century! The word Accordion actually stems from the German or musical chord which makes a lot of sense. These special instruments are bellow-driven which is why they're sometimes referred to as a squeezebox - which might be familiar from the famous song by The Who.


Although Accordions aren't seen as frequently as they once were in this day and age - that doesn't make learning to play one or listening to them any less satisfying. In fact, we think it makes the craft even more rewarding. You'll instantly recognise the iconic sound and tone of an Accordion - as well as their interesting looks. If you need further information on the availability of these instruments and the way they work we'd recommend getting in touch with us here at PMT.


Not everyone will be familiar with how accordions work - they can even seem a little daunting to newcomers. Accordians are basically driven by compressing and expanding bellows while using the buttons and keys to strike the notes. When you use the keys - this will make pallets open and making the airflow across the reeds - these vibrate which deliver a stunning array of tones and sounds - heard on contemporary and traditional compositions throughout time.


A lot of iconic songs feature accordions and you might not even be aware of or listening out for it. For instance tracks such as the aforementioned 'Squeeze Box' by The Who - but also tracks like 'Road To Nowhere' by Talking Heads, 'Back Street Girl' by The Rolling Stones, as well as lots of numbers by Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. These are just a few examples of many where these iconic instruments have been used in contemporary composition.


Here at PMT we can meet all your Accordion based needs and requirements! We stock a range of excellent and established names such as Roland to meet a variety of budgets. We even stock V-Accordion accessories such as carry bags. Visit your nearest PMT store today or contact us online.