British Drum Company

One of the most exciting drum companies today, the British Drum Co. only use shells that have been made in Britain and proudly adhere to British drum manufacturing traditions.

Striking design, innovation and incredible quality drums are signature traits of The British Drum Co.

The British Drum Co. began its life back in September 2015 when award-winning master drum-maker teamed up with Ian Matthews, five-time no.1 album drummer with Kasabian, Al Murray, pub landlord and renowned drum obsessive, Stu Warmington, a top military marching drummer and co-founder of The Highwaymen Drum Corps, Alan Kitching, a prolific product designer for many global brands.

A relatively young company, the British Drum Co. have already made a name for themselves with stellar product lines such as their Legend Drum kits, Lounge Drum kits and the extremely portable Imp drum kits.

They also do a fantastic line of snare shells featuring favourites such as The Big Softy; Ian Matthews' favourite, The Merlin Snare drum and The Bluebird.

Another new product from The British Drum Co. is the iTAP; a small, portable, acoustic, professional percussion instrument. It's a great bit of gear that's roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper that you can take along with you anywhere - highly addictive and great for knocking out some rhythms using your hands or drum sticks.

You can even mount the iTAP on a standard cymbal stand for use with your kit when performing live.

The British Drum Co. consistently produce fantastic products and have already impressed us all thoroughly, despite being an extremely young company and we're very excited to follow along with them on their journey.


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