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Gift Ideas for Beginners

Has your son/daughter picked up an ear for music? Do you have a loved one with dreams of being a musician? Get them started the right way with great music inspired gifts this holiday season. From starter guitars, guitar starter packs to that first ever drum kit, we stock all manner of instruments guaranteed to keep the musical fire burning and help your loved ones on the road to musical stardom - we believe in you!


For New Guitarists

The guitar is probably the most recognized instrument on earth and played by some of the most iconic musicians to ever live, from Jimi Hendrix (The Jimi Hendrix Experience) to Eric Clapton (Cream) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), there's certainly nothing uncool about it. If you or a loved one have a burning desire to play guitar, why not star with one of our guitar starter packs from the likes of Fender, Squier, Yamaha, Epiphone and more.

Looking for a cheap guitar? Here at PMT we have a staggering range of guitars covering virtually every style and price point, from complete starter packs to base models. Your child may very well be the next Hendrix but we'll never know if you don't start them off right.

For New Bassists

No band is complete without a great bass player and here at PMT we encourage the learning of an instrument to a great degree and we hope that you'd also do the same. Have your little one start off his or her bass playing journey the right way with a little help from your friends at PMT. We stock everything from bass starter packs to stand alone items at virtually every price point, meaning that we guarantee something for everybody.

For Budding Pianists

For new musicians, the keyboard is one of the more accessible options. We have everything from mini keyboard for young learners, to well priced full size keyboards for the budding amateur. Be sure to head over to our keys page where you'll find a great selection of everything we have on offer.

New Drummers

If you, your child or a loved one are looking to take up drumming then you've come to the right place! Here at PMT House Of Drums, we stock a fantastic range of gifts for drummers including starter packs, electronic drums and even complete kits at very affordable prices! Check out our Top 5 Best Cheap Drum Sets and our 5 Best Cheap Electric Drum Kits to get an idea of the budget friendly options out there!


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