12-String Acoustic Guitars

Ever looked at your acoustic guitar and thought to yourself, “I want more?” Then our range of 12 string acoustic guitars are for you. Richer tones and a bolder ‘chorus’ like sound, the 12 string acoustic guitar has been used by many musicians down the years; From Springsteen, David Gilmour and Led Zepplin to The Beatles, Tom Petty and The Eagles.

There is also a fairly low skill barrier for entry, so there is no need to feel intimidated by the extra 6 strings. If you can play a normal acoustic guitar, like a dreadnought or a parlour guitar. Then you can play a 12-string acoustic guitar.


To accommodate for the extra strings, 12 string acoustic guitars are built with wider necks, longer headstocks and often have flatter fingerboards. For beginners - the usual experience of fretting, strumming and picking will feel relatively familiar, there are some differences you should employ in your technique, when playing a 12-string acoustic guitar. 

The extra strings bring with them a lot more tension on the guitar neck, which means that playing with any sort of intricacy over a period of time will require fingers made of steel. However, the warm sound from the rich tones a 12 string provides sounds like nothing else.


At PMT Online, we have all the top brands for your perusal. Taylor Guitars, Epiphone, Fender and Yamaha all appear in our store, check out the ‘Manufacturer’ filter below for more information!


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