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Browse the UK's widest selection of Guitar Cases at PMT Online. We stock a massive range of Hardshell, Moulded, ABS and Flight Cases from top brands like TourtechFenderGibsonEpiphoneHiscox and many more.


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We stock a wide range of Hardshell Guitar Cases that offer more protection than the standard Gig Bags that come included with many mid-range guitars. Cases are often made of ABS Plastic hardshell, Wood or Tweed depending on price and construction quality, and most have rugged aluminium hardware or locks.

Whether you need a Hard Case for a Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster, or something more unique like a Flying V style guitar, PMT has got you covered.

Feel free to contact us for sizing and advice on the best case for your guitar and we'll help pick out something to suit your budget and requirements.

Guitar Case FAQs

  • What size guitar case do I need?

    The size of your guitar case will depend entirely on what guitar you need to put in it. Look for guitar cases that are built specifically for your model to ensure your instrument is fully protected.
  • What is the best guitar case for me?

    Choose a guitar case based on how you plan to use it - if you will be walking around a lot then a gig bag could be beneficial, but for touring or heavy-use then a hardcase might be better suited.
  • Should I get a hard or soft guitar case?

    For taking your guitar out to practice or lessons, you can use a gig bag. For playing gigs or touring, use a hardcase when you can.
  • What are hard guitar cases made of?

    Guitar hardcases tend to be made of wood, laminates, plastic, or even metal.
  • Will a guitar case protect my guitar?

    A good guitar case will protect your guitar from most accidental damage. Furthermore, it keeps the guitar from becoming dirty, dusty, or having things spilled on it.