Grand Auditorium Guitars

Falling between the Dreadnaught and the Grand Concert size, the Grand Auditorium is a very popular Taylor guitar body size, famous for its versatility. It is their most popular and adaptable body shape, big enough to handle vigorous strumming and still small enough for meticulous finger picking. The Grand Auditorium is the ideal choice for any musician looking for a multi-purpose acoustic guitar.


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History of the Grand Auditorium

The Grand Auditorium guitar was an original Bob Taylor design and was introduced by his company in 1994. Taylor Guitars had been duking it out with Martin since the early 70’s to be the champion of acoustic guitars and it was the introduction of the Grand Auditorium guitar that really put them on the map. 

It’s unique design might have copy-cats made by other brands, trying to recapture the sound that this all-rounder can produce. However, none of them sound quite like a real genuine Taylor Grand Auditorium guitar. Its modern day incarnation has been picked up by some of the biggest stars on the planet.

Who should buy a Grand Auditorium guitar

Any musician that wants to take a single guitar to take on the road with them wherever they go, The tones produced by this acoustic guitar body are well suited for the stage and the studio. They are great for the budding singer-songwriters out there who want to pick and strum to their heart's content while they record the fruits of their creativity. 

The Guitar Auditorium guitar produces a big and clear sound. It is easier to hold when standing up and it's comfortable on the knee while sitting. This body shape has well defined mid low and treble notes. Furthermore it uses the most standard fret scale length.