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The Classic British Tone

Vox Guitar Amps are some of the most traditional in rock music, they deliver what many still think of as the most classic "British" guitar tone

The sound of so much early rock and pop was defined by the sweet chime of Vox guitar amps. They sounded pretty great when people started cranking them up too. For many guitarists, there is no finer amp than an AC30 for both clean and crunchy tones. From Beatles and Queen to many new indie bands, the Vox sound is a defining feature in their music.

The 60th Anniversary AC15 Hand Wired Amp

Vox AC15HW60

Starting out in 1947 Vox later introduced the Vox AC15 as their very first flagship guitar amplifier.

Celebrating 60 years of Vox, this limited edition 60th Anniversary Vox amp is a fantastic recreation of the third revision of the 1957 AC15.

Popularised by The Shadows, the AC15 is synonymous with the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll.


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