Pearl P 932 Double Bass Drum Pedal
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Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal

by Pearl
The Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal combines speed and control for a super smooth pedal with a fast response. With high-end fea..

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The Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal combines speed and control for a super smooth pedal with a fast response. With high-end features commonly found in more expensive models, this Pearl double pedal offers great functionality at an amazingly affordable price.

Pearl Demon Double Pedal

The Pearl P 932 Demonator double bass drum pedal combines features found on Pearl’s flagship Demon Drive pedal with the award-winning attributes of the Eliminator range.

Offering functionality never before seen at this price point, the Pearl Demonator pedal offers amazing features at a great price.

Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal Specifications:

  • Demon Drive Inspired Long Footboard
  • Control Core Duo Beater
  • Click-Lock Spring Tension Adjuster
  • PowerShifter Function
  • Orange Progressive Cam
  • Perfect Circle Cam

Demon Drive Inspired Footboard

The Pearl P932 Demonator pedal features long footboards inspired by the Demon Drive pedal model.

Featuring a smooth footboard with an orange coloured design found on the higher end Demon Drive bass drum pedal, the Pearl Demonator provides a sleek aesthetic.

Not only does the longboard design look stylish it also serves to offer maximum comfort for a smooth, spacious playing feel.

Control Core Beater

The Pearl Demonator double bass drum pedal comes complete with a control core duo-beaters.

Pearl’s patented duo-beater uses a control core elastomer centre to minimise vibration within the pedal for a super smooth playing feel. This also allows for increased playing control as you don’t need to battle the pedal vibration induced by the beater hitting the batter head.

The Pearl Duo Beater features 2 unique striking surfaces allowing you to quickly change your sound depending on your needs.

One side of the beater has a slightly rounded felt surface for a softer, warmer tone while the opposite side houses a slightly convex hard plastic providing a more robust, punchy attack.

Simply flip the beater round within the bass drum to achieve the sound you need no matter what style you’re playing.

Maybe you need an articulate punch for live situations so opt for the plastic side, but then want the softer, full sound of the felt side for a studio recording. Either way the Demonator pedal lets you do it.

Quickly switch up your sound with the Pearl P932 double pedal.

Click-Lock Spring Tension Adjuster

The Pearl P 932 double bass drum pedal features a Click-Lock spring adjuster to allow drummers to quickly and easily adjust the spring tension of the pedal.

This Click-Lock design then allows you to lock in your desired tension setting for a consistent feel from gig to gig.

This means you can dial in the pedal tension you prefer for a truly customisable playing feel.

If you prefer a different response for different genres or playing styles, you can quickly tune in your desired tension to achieve the ideal feel you require to get the most out of every playing situation.

Then lock it in place to ensure it remains exactly how you want it to feel throughout your rehearsal and gig.


Another of the Pearl Demonator double pedal features is the PowerShifter function.

The Pearl Powershifter is a patented design that provides 2 positions so that you can fine tune the power and feel of the pedal.

Simply move the footboard forwards or backwards to change the angle of the chain. This in turn changes the leverage angle of the footboard to create a light or strong pedal response feel.

Whether you prefer a heavier feel or a lighter response the Pearl P932 double pedal gives you the option to decide ensuring you have a truly customised feel perfect to your individual needs.

Orange Progressive and Perfect Circle Cams

The Pearl P 932 double bass drum pedal provides further customisation in the form of the changeable cam response.

Utilising the same cam technology found on the Pearl Eliminator Pedal, the Pearl Demonator features an orange progressive cam and a perfect circle cam to provide two completely different pedal responses.

The Orange Progressive cam provides a more urgent, forward motion for a lightning fast speedy response. Perfect for times when you need maximum impact and power.

Removing the orange progressive cam reveals the perfect circle cam which works to provide a smoother pedal response for those times when you need more control.

Lefty Option

The Pearl Demonator double bass drum pedal is also available in a left footed version; the Pearl P-932L.


If you’re looking for a double bass drum pedal that is packed with high-end functions but without the high-end price tag the Pearl Demonator is a superb choice.

With features typical of the higher end Demon Drive and Eliminator pedals, the Pearl P 932 provides a truly customisable pedal to ensure you have the desired feel, power and control you need to play your best.

From the sleek Demon Drive inspired aesthetic and the Control Core Duo-Beater to the super customisability of the PowerShifter and the 2 cam options, this Pearl P932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal is an amazing pedal at a great price.

For an affordable pro-style pedal buy the Pearl Demonator Double Pedal now!

Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal Key Features:

  • Demon Drive Inspired Long Footboards
  • Control Core Duo Beaters
  • Click-Lock Spring Tension Adjuster
  • PowerShifter Function
  • Orange Progressive Cam
  • Perfect Circle Cam
  • Left Footed Option Available
  • Feature Packed Design at an Affordable Price


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