Best Piano For Beginners – Our Top 5


We take a look at 5 options that could take the crown as best piano for beginners as well as a selection of keyboards for beginners that'll help you get to grips with the world of keys

Best Piano For Beginners

When you decide it’s time to finally learn the piano or take up the keyboard, you need to pick something that’s going to be able to provide you with an enjoyable experience, sound great and not break the bank!

But where should you start?

To make it a little bit easier when it comes to choosing the best keyboard for beginners, or best pianos for beginners (whichever you prefer) we’ve rounded up our top 7 beginner keyboards that will not only help you learn to play piano but make the learning process so much more enjoyable.

Show me the best piano for beginners

Just so you’re clear, we’re going to be talking about both pianos and keyboards in this blog, just to give you a few more options, as keyboards and pianos tend to have different features and sounds.

1. Casio CDP-130 Fully Weighted 88 Note Keyboard

Casio CDP-130 Fully Weighted 88 Note Keyboard

The Casio CDP-130 is one of the best beginner keyboards on the scene today thanks to the fact it features 88 fully weighted keys that accurately reproduce the feel of a real acoustic piano. This means that throughout the learning process, you get a better understanding of playing dynamics and get more of a “feel” of how a piano should be played. The keys on the CDP-130 are actually heavier towards the lower register and get gradually lighter as you move up to the higher registers – just like a real acoustic piano.

In addition, Casio have loaded the CDP-130 with a dual element Acoustic & Highly-Compressed Large-Waveform (AHL) sound source, which provides you with 10 different tones for you to enjoy and really get to grips with your preferred sounds.

The Casio CDP-130 is one of our best beginner keyboards thanks to the fact you also have access to the Casio Music Academy and a series of online lessons worth £49.99 once you purchase and register your CDP-130.

Why is it one of the Best pianos for beginners?

  • Includes free lessons
  • 88 weighted keys for realistic feel
  • 10 different tones
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in speakers

2. Roland GO:Keys GO-61K Digital Keyboard

Roland GO:Keys GO-61K Digital Keyboard

The Roland GO:Keys GO-61K Digital Keyboard is another one of our favourite beginner keyboards, that’s also ideal for the likes of touring professionals.

Thanks to the unique Loop Mix function within the Roland GO:Keys, anyone, whether they have experience in playing piano or not, can just get started playing piano and create music on the fly.

The Roland GO:Keys digital keyboard is also one of the best beginner pianos for beginners as it features over 500 ready-to-play sounds built in, including an array of different sounds from Roland’s impressive back catalogue of synthesizer and piano sounds. Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature, letting you hook up your Bluetooth enabled device and stream your music through it so you can play along.

The GO:Keys is also extremely portable, making it a great choice for beginners who need to transport their keyboard to and from practice sessions. You can even power it via the included AC adaptor or via 6 x AA batteries. In addition, the headphones line in will allow you to practice in silence, thus providing you with a great way to enjoy your music on your terms and in your own time.

Why is it one of the Best pianos for beginners?

  • 500 sounds built-in
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can be powered via battery
  • Headphones in for silent practice
  • Built-in speakers

3. Yamaha PSR-E253 Electronic Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E253 Electronic Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR-E253 portable digital keyboard is an industry standard beginner keyboard and makes our best piano for beginners blog thanks to its wide range of sounds, user friendly interface and portability. The Yamaha PSR-E253 actually includes an on-board lesson feature and Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) that encourages players to not only learn the 100 songs built-in to the keyboard, but explore the 385 instrument voices and create their own music in any of the 100 styles available.

The intuitive lesson function gives you access to the Yamaha Education suite but also provides you with a total of nine stages of lessons. You have three stages to get to grips with for the left hand, three for the right and another three for both hands, which will help you ease into the world of piano. This means you can learn how your hands interact with the keys easily making it a contender for the best keyboard piano for beginners. In addition, you can quite literally learn at your own pace thanks to the “Waiting“ function which adjust the tempo of the backing track to your playing and pauses the music until you play the correct note.

At just over 4kg, the PSR-E253 is probably the best keyboard for beginners as it’s easy to carry to practice or take to rehearsal when the time comes. We believe in you!

Why is it one of the Best pianos for beginners?

  • On-board lesson feature
  • 9 stage lesson function
  • Lightweight at just over 4kg
  • Built in speakers

4. Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

We can’t talk about the best piano for beginners without including the Roland FP-30 Digital Piano! Although its slightly more expensive than some of our other beginner pianos in this list, it’s worth the extra investment as it’s an extremely high-quality digital piano capable of high-end performance. It's beginner friendly but is still used by professionals worldwide.

The 88 notes give you the full spectrum to learn to play piano and the SuperNATURAL Piano engine provides lush, realistic sounds whilst the newly developed keys feature an ivory feel that is a joy to play.

When you want the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, but need a world of sounds and connectivity options, the Roland FP-30 is the ideal option providing you with an array of beautifully sampled piano sounds including grand pianos, keys, strings, organs and more.

In addition, you have the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity that allows your FP-30 to work with MIDI music apps on your smartphone or tablet such as GarageBand, Piano Partner 2, Sheet Music Direct and many more. In addition, you can play along to your favourite songs and learn as you go and even save songs made with the built-in recorder.

The Twin Piano mode also allows you to play along with your teacher or student in the same octave ranges, effectively splitting the piano in two.

A fantastic piano for beginners that will last a lifetime and provide you with the means to learn yet become a mainstay in the family home, on stage or in your school – when you become a seasoned player, you’ll still want to come back to this great digital piano.

Available on its own or with stand so you can place it anywhere in the home and leave it hooked up ready to go.

Why is it one of the Best pianos for beginners?

  • Twin piano mode for dual play
  • Features Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano engine
  • Perfect for following you along your musical journey, from beginner to professional
  • Detailed articulation and ivory feel keys – like playing a grand piano
  • Stereo speakers

5. Arturia MiniBrute

Arturia MiniBrute

Ok we’re throwing a little curveball in here, but not everyone who wants to learn how to play piano or keyboard, wants the sound of a piano or regular keyboard – you might lean towards a more synth friendly sound! So, with this in mind, we feel the Arturia MiniBrute is a great beginner synthesiser keyboard that is also designed for professional musicians in need of a monophonic analog synth that packs a punch on stage and in the studio. Monophonic (single note) synths are great for musicians, to get to grips with the sound of a keyboard or synth and for those who only want to add single note runs or lead lines into their music. Not everyone wants to play chords!

Although it looks a little complicated at first glance, the Arturia MiniBrute is actually quite simple to operate and even comes complete with a manual that explains how each knob, switch and effect works allowing you to get to grips with synthesis and start creating your own music as soon as possible. Whether you want the best synth to play vapor wave with, something that you can create sounds with straight out of the box and enjoy doing it along the way, or start crafting entire tracks on your computer without too much knowledge of piano – this is a great option.

You can even process any external sound through its audio input allowing you to create samples, and add warmth, filter effects and distortion to whatever you’ve sampled.

A professional synth that has been designed for pro musicians, those who have never played a synth in their entire life and everyone in between - once you've got to grips with this, you're ready to storm the live arena with your music!

Why is it one of the Best pianos/synths for beginners?

  • Professional level synth that has been designed for beginners and pro musicians alike
  • Wide range of filters and effects built-in
  • 25 note semi-weighted keyboard
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to add to your existing workflow
  • Fun to play

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