Pedaltrain - Pedalboard Cases & Power Supplies

Even with 3 or 4 effects pedals it can be a pain to get setup at the gig and have them lying loose for the singer to stand on. Keep everything simple, tidy and safe with the Pedaltrain range of pedal boards. Their tough welded aluminium design is light and tough, made to last a lifetime on the road. If you need a hand choosing the best effects pedal board for your needs here's a handy guide to all the Pedaltrain pedal boards we have in stock. Please be aware that this is just a rough guide and all pedals are made differently. If you need a little more in depth information then be sure to check out Pedal Board Planner where you can make your own Pedaltrain pedal board layout like the one below (using the Pedaltrain Junior in this instance).  
Choosing The Best Pedaltrain Board For You
Pedaltrain Board Board Dimensions - WxHxD Who's It For And Roughly How Many Pedals Can I Get On The Board?
Pedaltrain Nano 14x5.5x1 inches Weekend warriors and pedal purists. If you only have a few cherished gems in your pedal collection the Nano will comfortably hold 3 compact pedals (Boss compact, Electro Harmonix Nano).
Pedaltrain Junior (includes hardcase) 17x12.5x2.5 inches We made our own Pedaltrain Junior layout above to give you an idea. This is the smallest pedalboard you can fit a Wah on but may not be large enough for some volume/expression pedals. Check the dimensions or Pedalboard Planner.
Pedaltrain 1 22x12.5x2.5 inches Frequently gigging guitarists, plenty of options for almost any range of FX pedals. Fit the Powertrain 1250 power supply and you're ready to just turn up, tune and play!
Pedaltrain 2 24x12.5x2.5 inches It's the most popular Pedaltrain board of all, plenty of space for even the biggest FX.
Pedaltrain Classic Pro Pedalboard with Tour Case 32x16x3.5 inches (81.2x40.6x8.9 cm) Choose this big daddy pedal board to be sure your effects rig is ready for planes, trains and automobiles. This hard case version is ready for anything you throw at it, even John Candy couldn't wreck your setup!
That's taken care of the case and board for your effects, but which is the best power supply for your Pedaltrain rig? There's a couple of options available, the rechargeable Volto fits under all the Pedaltrain boards, powering your pedals with no need to plug into a wall socket. If a little more juice is required for a big rig, then the Powertrain 1250 has 8 independent outputs and can be fitted under all boards except the Nano and Mini.

Artists Using Pedaltrain Pedalboards

There's a huge number of artists using Pedaltrain gear and when you've got renowned pedal fanatic John Mayer using them exclusively in his band on David Letterman (left) you can take that as a sign of the esteem they're held in. It's not just globe straddling stars like Mayer that trust to Pedaltrain, beloved indie rockers Wilco and British band Daughter are both on board the pedal train.