Novation Launch

When the Launchpad was first introduced in 2009, it inspired an evolution in electronic music. Now, with Novations’ best line of Launch products, it's time you joined in. With incredible flexibility and portability, the famous Novation Launchpad is a must have for musicians and producers who want to sink their teeth into fully integrated software like Ableton and Logic.


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Novation Launchpad

Available in Pro and Mini varieties, the Launchpad mk3 range is the latest version of Novations impressive MIDI grid controllers, designed for Ableton Live. This highly customizable controller gives you full control of instruments, track and mix. They give you everything you need to create and perform your tracks.

Novation Launch Control

Often hailed as the ultimate USB MIDI controller for Ableton Live performance software. The Novation Launch Control is a robust and compact software MIDI controller that is perfect for use alongside a Launchpad, giving you that extra creative control for your set. Now featuring support for Mackie’s HUI protocol built in, so it can be used with Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools.