Novation Keys

A perfect companion for music producers. Novation Keyboards put your music software directly into your hands. Consistently raising the bar for USB Midi Keyboards, the Novation Launchkey is famous for their intuitive design and fully integrated MIDI control They are packed with fantastic features that expand your potential for production, composition and performance.


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Novation Launchkey

Made for creators of all abilities, Launchkey gives you inspirational tools that will help expand your musical vocabulary. An intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller, the Novation Launchkey controller keyboards can be used alongside any DAW software when connected via USB MIDI. Available in multiple sizes, from the full size Novation Launchkey 49 right down to the Launchkey mini mk3.

Novation Impulse

Impulse is Novations ultra-responsive and expressive keyboard with a multitude of assignable controls. They are a pleasure to play and as with the rest of Novations controllers, it integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and other major music software. They also include a great collection of included software and sounds.