M-Audio is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of musical performance equipment, computer interface & studio integration solutions, keyboards & controllers, as well as a diverse range of essential hardware solutions including microphones and studio monitors.

Founded in 1988 under the name of Midiman, the company began trading as M-audio from 2000. In under 20 years in a highly competitive field, M-audio has risen to become one of the world leaders in MIDI audio solutions, speaker technology, headphones and even effects pedal units.

If you're looking for affordable industry-standard equipment, M-Audio has a lot to offer.


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  • How to download M-Audio software?

    To download M-Audio software, simply create an account and register your product with M-Audio. From here you will have access to additional software and updates via M-Audio.
  • Is M-Audio a good brand?

    M-Audio is a high-quality brand that is relied on by producers and musicians across the world. With a range of controllers, keyboards, monitors, interfaces and more, kit out your studio with M-Audio and hear the difference in your music.
  • What is M-Audio?

    M-Audio is a brand that specialises in professional studio and production equipment. For the latest innovations in monitoring and recording as well as a range of controllers, interfaces and more - choose M-Audio.
  • Does M-Audio work with GarageBand?

    M-Audio products are suitable for use with GarageBand - check your I/O settings and MIDI connectivity if you're having issues, and speak to one of our Experts if you're still having trouble getting everything hooked up.