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Record Wherever, Whenever with an sE Reflexion Filter

After the team at sE Electronics invented the industry-standard Reflexion Filter in 2006, this studio booth in a box has essentially changed the recording industry. This budget-friendly Reflexion Filter has enabled studio owners, home studio enthusiasts and recording artists all over the world to create wherever and whenever they like. A Reflexion Filter is essentially a portable recording booth that reduces sound bleed and recreates the sound and sonic feel of a vocal booth. It also fits in your backpack!

The team at sE Electronics understand all the difference good quality recording and microphone accessories can make. Whether you need to remove plosive sounds or record studio-quality audio in any environment, the team at sE Electronics have a deep understanding of what you need.

Find out why over 120,000 home recording enthusiasts and studios have invested in the Reflexion Filter and hear the difference by including this portable vocal booth in your studio set up today.