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Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Ibanez have been manufacturing acoustic guitars since the 1930’s and boast striking and innovative designs. Their expert craftsmanship produces an excellent sound on all of their acoustic guitars, no matter your budget. 

Their 2021 range of acoustic guitars provides a great selection of fantastic guitars, from the richer brighter tones from the incredible ‘Advanced series’ to the striking and unique designs of their Talman range.



As part of the 2021 range, Ibanez have introduced their Advanced acoustic guitar series. They have been designed to produce a louder, brighter and richer tone with an innovative take on the classic dreadnought design. Not quite a Jumbo, the Advanced range boasts a body that is 5% larger, that they have called a ‘Grand Dreadnaught’. Taking the acoustic guitar to new heights, never seen before!


At PMT Online, we are incredibly excited to boast that Ibanez’ Altstar range is a PMT Exclusive. You can’t find this incredible range anywhere else! The mid to large size of the guitar gives a fantastic broad range and versatility. All using a compact design, meaning those sore shoulders are a thing of the past!


Woah, look at this one. The Talman range has a distinct design you won’t see anywhere else. Inspired by electric guitars, they are designed for the electric guitarist who wants to gain the full tones of an ibanez acoustic guitar while maintaining the features and comfort of playing an electric guitar.


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