Guitar Speaker Cab

The most understated component of your guitar tone comes in the form of the guitar cabinet. Available in an array of different sizes and configurations, finding the right cab (or cabs!) is an often overlooked aspect of dialling in the perfect sound. At PMT we have a magnificent range of different cabinet options from Fender, Marshall, Blackstar and more, so you're certain to find exactly what you need.


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Closed Back or Open Back?

These terms refer to the construction of the cabinet. Open Back models allow for access to the speakers from the rear, whereas Closed Back cabinets contain speakers that are housed in what looks like a sealed-up box. The type of cabinet you opt to use will depend on what sort of tone you are hoping to achieve, and the best way to find out your preference is to call in to your local PMT store and try them out! Our Experts will be on hand to talk you through any technical specifications, so you can be certain you'll find the perfect amp setup at the best price possible.


Another thing to consider is the speaker size and configuration of your rig. A 'half-stack' is referred to as a 4x12 due to its two rows of dual 12" speakers - a 'full-stack' setup contains two 4x12 cabinets, plus the amp head sat atop of them. In many cases this sort of setup offers too much headroom to achieve the sought-after natural drive from your guitar, and so 1x12 cabinets are increasingly popular alongside 'lunchbox'-style amp heads.


  • What is a Guitar Cab Speaker?

    A guitar cab is a passive speaker or set of speakers that capture the powered signal from an amplifier, usually connected via a speaker cable.
  • Do guitar cabs need power?

    In short, no. As the amp head is the preamp and power amp for the cabinet. So without the amp head attached, they're just speakers.
  • Why do some guitar cabs have an open back?

    Cabs with an open back mean the speakers have access to unlimited amounts of air, so the speaker cone can move a lot more freely. Resulting in refined lower frequencies.