Duesenberg Guitars

The driving forces behind Duesenberg are a combination of constant technical innovation and a fascination with shapes and colours prevalent in the 1940's and 1950's.

Through carefully improving and optimising the technology in their instruments on the one hand, and providing a good balance between respectful analysis of classic construction / designs on the other, Duesenberg guitars are able to offer players a stylish and premium grade alternative to anything else on the market.

Though established in 1986, their popularity soared with the release of the first Starplayer guitar in 1995 - before long this one-man company grew until it arrived at the 30 employees that keep things going today. Due to their consistent use of modern manufacturing techniques and the latest technology, Duesenberg has become a synonym around the world for delivering the highest quality and workmanship.

Art Deco Design

One of the stand-out elements of Duesenberg is the Art Deco appointments that can be found on all of their instruments. This distinctive look, covering almost every part of the guitar, from the tuners and trussrod cover down to even the pickup switch, combines Art Deco stylings with the trademark "Three Steps" motif which represents what the company truly stands for: always being three steps ahead!


In addition to their beautiful looks, Duesenberg guitars feature several technical innovations. From the specially designed Z-Tuners (which make for easy and comfortable restringing), the third screw in the pickup ring (allowing you to adjust the tilt of the pickups), and even the Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola (one of the best systems available on the market), it's the little details which help these instruments soar above their competitors.

Everything about these guitars just exudes high class and quality, and we're over the moon to now be stocking them at PMT.


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