Digital Combo Amps

Sometimes described as Modelling amps, digital amps use technology to try and replicate the sounds of other amps. Feel like a classic Fender tube amp sound? Hit the button. Classic VOX AC 30? Hit the button. The flexibility these digital combo amps provide are unparalleled. At PMT Online we stock a wide range of famous amplifier brands like Fender, Blackstar, Marshall and Roland.


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Blackstar ID

Over the last 9 years since the amps initial launch, the ID series represents a groundbreaking achievement in the guitar amp world. Its versatility of programmability, unique innovations and traditional control set makes this amp a real world leader in digital combo amps.

Marshall CODE

The experts at Marshall, world famous for their gritty and tone rich sound, have thrown their hat into the digital combo amp space. Their range of Marshall CODE amplifiers provide the user with a wealth of ways to express their creativity. The amps have 24 FX features and have the ability to create the famous Marshall tones. The possibilities are endless.

VOX Valvetronix

This amp represents a new era for Modeling amps. The new Valvetronix modelling technology breaks down the sounds of some of the most famous amps in history. Which enables it to recreate their sounds with incredible accuracy.