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Moog One 16 Voice Analog Synthesizer

by Moog
For over 35 years, Moog have been busy. A multitude of monosynth, modular and virtual synthesizers have dominated the marketplace to meet th..

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For over 35 years, Moog have been busy. A multitude of monosynth, modular and virtual synthesizers have dominated the marketplace to meet the needs of musicians and consumers all over the world. Finally, the return of the Polymoog has arrived in the form of Moog One.

The Moog One 16 is 61-key, 16-voice, Tri-timbral Analog Synth with 3 VCO, 2 Analog Filters, 4 LFOs, 3 Envelope Generators, Arp, Sequencer, Digital Effects and Eventide Reverbs, and CV I/O.

The PolyMoog returns to former glory!

Moog One’s polyphonic sound engine is built on the most powerful synthesizer architecture ever employed by a Moog instrument. Per voice, Moog One offers 3 newly-designed analog VCOs, 2 independent analog filters, a dual source analog noise generator, analog mixer with external audio input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelopes. Combine this with a massive array of Digital Effects, Premium 61-note Fatar keybed,  and enough storage for thousands of custom patches and Performance Sets.

Hand-crafted at the Moog USA factory in North Carolina, Moog One infuses the latest R&D and new technology with Moog's legendary sonic architecture. It feels and sounds every bit as 'Classic Moog' as you'd expect, with a few hidden tricks up its sleeve.

Moog One firmly cements them as the masters of analogue synthesis and offers everything you'll ever want under the hood of a truly revolutionary poly synth.


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Moog One 16-Voice Key Features

  • 16-voice, polyphonic analogue synth
  • 3 VCOs per voice with waveshape mixing and OLED displays
  • Unison mode
  • 2 filters per voice with filter mixing (2 multimode State Variable filters that function as a single filter, and a classic lowpass/highpass Moog Ladder filter)
  • 3 DAHDSR envelopes per voice with user-definable curves
  • 3-part multitimbrality
  • Separate sequencer and arpeggiator per timbre
  • Chord memory
  • Dual-source noise generator with dedicated envelope
  • Mixer with external audio input
  • Ring modulation with selectable routing
  • Oscillator FM and hard sync with selectable routing
  • 4 assignable LFOs
  • Premium 61-note Fatar TP-8S keybed with velocity and aftertouch
  • Assignable pressure-sensitive X/Y pad
  • Digital Effects (Synth and Master Bus)
  • Eventide Reverbs
  • Selectable glide types
  • Save, categorize, and recall tens of thousands of presets
  • Create Performance Sets that make up to 64 presets accessible at the push of a button
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 107 x 51 x 18cm (42” x 20” x 7”)

Powerful Moog 16-Voice Sound Engine

Each Moog One voice is based on a brand new 'Triangle Core' analogue VCO engine. The output of each oscillator is a user-defined mix of the selectable triangle / sawtooth wave, plus a variable-width pulse wave. Expanding beyond traditional oscillator designs, the rise/fall time of the triangle wave and the reset phase of the sawtooth wave can be shaped and modulated to create to a rich palette of classic analog tones.

The result is an iconic Moog analogue sound with all their characteristic quirks, but with the scope for a completely new and creative sonic pallette - Easily shaped and sculpted by you!

Dual Source Noise Generator

Each Moog One voice includes an advanced dual-source analog noise generator that allows different colors of noise to be selected and mixed, while and dynamically articulated utilizing the dedicated noise envelope generator.

Synth Effects, Master Bus Effects, And Eventide Reverbs

Moog One features a growing library of programmable per-synth effects and master bus effects that include chorus, delay, phase, bit reduction, vocoding, and a suite of premium reverbs from Eventide including Blackhole, Shimmer, Plate, Room, and Hall. Effects can be applied in two ways: as Synth Effects and Master Bus Effects. Synth Effects are applied to individual layers of timbrality, while Master Bus Effects can be applied via sends to all three synthesizers. Though its onboard effects are digital, Moog One retains a completely analog signal path with no in-line conversion when insert effects are off.

8-Voice Version Also Available

Check out the 8-Voice Moog One Synth, a more affordable Polymoog with 8 voices of polyphony.

Moog One truly is a revolution in Analogue Synthesis that captures the essence of a 1976 Polymoog. Pre-Order one today and don't miss out!

Moog One 16 Voice Connectivity

  • 2 x ¼" stereo headphone outputs
  • 2 pairs of assignable ¼" outputs (supports TRS and TS)
  • 4 x ¼" hardware inserts (TRS)
  • 1 x ¼" external audio input (line-level)
  • 1 XLR + ¼" TRS combo external audio input with trim knob
  • 9 assignable CV/GATE I/O (5-in/4-out)
  • USB drive support for system and preset backup
  • LAN port for future expansion
  • USB and DIN MIDI


Weight (kg)20.0000
Number of Keys61 keys
Synthesis Typetri-timbral analog synth ; fm, hard sync, ring modulation

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