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The description "pedalboards of the pros" is as accurate as it gets! Pedaltrain products have racked up more air miles than Keith Richards and Dave Grohl combined.

Used in effects pedal setups by countless touring acts but affordable for all the weekend warriors too. If you need a hand choosing the right board then Pedaltrain has produced a very handy guide. Detailing whether you need a Classic for multi-FX rigs or a Nano for a few micro pedals.

The humble stompbox setup has evolved from an occasional distortion boost into sprawling boards featuring boutique delays, giant pitch shifters and modulation madness. Pedaltrain has moved with the times, offering a patented design that is lightweight, super strong and easy to setup. Coming in a range of different sized models, each one with both soft bag and flight case versions.

From the compact Jr, Novo and Metro, up to the much larger Classic and Terra series, there is a PedalTrain board for every size of effects rig. To power your arsenal of stompbox pedals, Pedaltrain also have a selection of power supplies and Power Bricks, each compatible with their boards for safe storage.


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