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Get the basics right with BOSS Tuner Pedals and Metronomes - tuning and timing from the biggest name in stompbox history. Join the masses using the iconic BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal, now also available in pedalboard-friendly size and Waza Craft enhanced editions.


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Reliable and Accurate

The industry standard in effects, BOSS range of guitar tuner pedals and metronomes display the same high-quality you’ve come to expect from the Japanese audio giants. Available in chromatic stompbox or clip-on formats in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, BOSS cater to the needs of all musicians. As standard, BOSS tuners cover a frequency range suitable for the most detuned of bass players whilst still being suitable for use with a ukulele or other stringed instrument. With products such as the TU-12BW Chromatic Tuner for Brass & Wind, your tuning accuracy is always guaranteed no matter how you choose to make music.


The BOSS TU-30 Metronome and Tuner offers players the best of both worlds, with all of the features found in more familiar units such as the TU-80 but in a much more compact and portable size. With a built-in microphone perfect for tuning up acoustic guitar, audible reference pitch for tuning by ear, and a jack input for electric instruments - the TU-30 has your tuning needs covered. Move on over to the metronome function and the unit opens up a world of rhythm patterns with visual display, making it the essential practice companion.