You're in safe hands with the Roland & BOSS warranty. In fact, you get up to 10 years free warranty on selected Roland, BOSS & V-MODA products. 

Whether you’re using compact pedals that are revered by all to exquisitely crafted digital pianos, the Roland & BOSS warranty ensures you’re in safe hands.
Roland and BOSS create top-quality products with warranties to prove that they’ll last for years.

To receive the warranty for your product, all you have to do is purchase your gear from an authorised Roland UK dealer, like PMT, and register your product online with Roland.

To register your product, click HERE and set up your Roland account.

When you register your product, you will receive your warranty as well as access to a free-to-use Roland Account which, of course, is all about you and your Roland gear. Plus, if you visit any of our PMT Music shops that contain a Roland Planet you will receive advice and expertise from a Roland Specialist, who knows everything about every Roland and BOSS product ever!

They're also trained to help customers play, write and record music. So really, you can’t beat buying your Roland and BOSS gear from PMT!

Ten-Year Warranty Digital Pianos

The Roland digital piano warranty was cerated to ensure you have full confidence in your new digital home piano. If you're a beginner, an intermediate or absolute professional, you need confidence in your product, which is why the Roland Digital Piano ten-year warranty covers all HP, HPi, LX, DP, KF, GP, and V-Pianos. You're in safe hands!

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Roland pianos warranty

Five-Year Warranty BOSS Effects Pedals

BOSS effects pedals are already built to withstand decades of use. The addition of a 5-year warranty on all new BOSS single FX pedals ensures you're covered whilst n tour, in the studio or just at home!

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Five-Year Warranty BOSS Effects Pedals

Two-Year Warranty on all other products

The Roland two-year warranty comes as standard on all other products. This includes (but is not limited to) BOSS recording equipment, BOSS drum machines, Roland Synthesizers and Workstations, Roland Arranger Keyboards, Roland & BOSS Amplifiers, Roland DJ and PA Systems, Roland MIDI Controllers, Mixers, Software and Systems.

This also includes selected electronic Roland V-Drum kits.

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roland 2 year warranty

Lifetime Warranty Roland & Boss Cables

All Roland & Boss cables come with a lifetime warranty, so you're always covered and ready to create the music you want to. 

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boss roland cables lifetime warranty