Boss Loop Station

The world-leader in stompbox technology sets the benchmark for innovation with their range of BOSS Loop Station Pedals and Utility Effects.


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A New Way to Play

The BOSS Loop Station range has opened up an entire world of possibilities for musicians of all levels. The BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Loop Pedal is perfect for layering phrases at home or on the go, featuring stereo inputs and an intuitive design whilst running on a single 9-volt alkaline battery. For even more versatility, add an optional footswitch or expression pedal to your set-up for enhanced control. As with all BOSS Stompboxes, the Loop Station units all feature a rugged design that will withstand playing live and touring.

A Powerful Writing Tool

Designed with vocalists in mind, the BOSS RC-300 Loop Station Guitar Pedal is packed with a mind-bending amount of features, including the ability to sync three separate stereo tracks with dedicated controls and independent volume faders. When combined with pro-quality custom effects and a built-in expression pedal, composing and performing becomes easier than ever before. If you prefer the idea of a tabletop loop station, the BOSS RC-505 Loop Station is jam-packed with elements such as external MIDI control and 85 onboard rhythm patterns (including odd measure beats), as well as the ability to control loops in real-time across a range of instruments.