Boss announce new Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal & Boss RC-10R LoopStation at Summer NAMM 2019

boss pedals boss sy-1 We love a new Boss effects announcement here at PMT, which is why we’re thrilled the brand has revealed the new Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal and Boss RC-10R LoopStation ahead of NAMM 2019. These pedals both consolidate an existing synth pedal into a pedal board friendly option and take the RC looper to all new heights! Let’s take a closer look.

Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal

Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal The Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal takes some of the most useful features of the Boss SY300 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal and condenses it into a pedalboard friendly, classic stompbox design. This nifty new synth pedal features 121 ultra-responsive synth sounds, which are all ready to play at the stomp of a switch – no programming needed! You have a world of awesome sounds at your disposal including leads, pads, organs, basses, and more as well as a variety of sound effects and rhythmic synth patterns that can really transform your sound, regardless of what instrument you’re using. These sounds are then organised into 11 different types with a further 11 different variations, effectively giving you an entire studio’s worth of sounds. One of the key features of the new Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal is the fact you can optimise it for either guitar or bass! You can also use the Send jack as a direct out so you can route your synth and guitar sounds separately. A fantastic live and studio tool.

Boss RC-10R LoopStation

Boss RC-10R LoopStation The Boss LoopStation series is an industry standard range of loopers consisting of some already amazing options such as the Boss RC-1, RC-3 and RC-300. So, when they announced the all new Boss RC-10R LoopStation we were curious as to how Boss would improve on an already amazing range. Well, they didn’t disappoint! The Boss RC-10R LoopStation combines song-based looping, organic rhythms, and class-leading sound in a pedalboard friendly option. Each of the rhythms that you can jam along to have song structures with separate parts so you can create specific parts for each section. In fact, there are 280 built-in rhythms spanning a wide range of different musical styles with 50 spare onboard locations that you can use to import your own. If you just want to loop sounds you can do that too, or even use the RC-10R as a drum machine with control over song sections and fills via the footswitch. The RC-10R also includes 99 phrase memories, 2 footswitches with room for an expression pedal, as well as MIDI I/O via space-saving mini TRS jacks. You can also send loops and rhythms to separate amp systems, so you could have your rhythm section coming out of one amp and your guitar out of another. Shop a full range of BOSS effects over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a huge selection for yourself! boss fx pedals