Gibson Original & Gibson Modern Guitars Announced


The team at Gibson listened to the fans. The new Gibson Guitar collection has been officially announced including the Gibson Original Collection and Gibson Modern Collection previously unveiled at NAMM 2019

gibson original guitars

You asked for it and Gibson listened. The Gibson Original and Gibson Modern series (previously known as the Core Range) is a return to form and offers fans what they want. These are the Gibson guitars you’ve been looking for.

Gibson Original Collection vs Gibson Modern Collection

Wondering what the difference is between the Gibson Original and the Gibson Modern collection?

For the new 2019 Gibson Original Collection, Gibson have looked to the past to create a range of classic guitars that we'll be proud to play on stage. These guitars include Golden era design features such as non-weight relief bodies, premium tonewoods and classic neck styles. These are built to original specifications that put Gibson on the map and made us all fall in love with the brand in the first place.

The Gibson Modern Collection has been designed to ensure the brand are still innovating when it comes to their guitars and feature modern design processes such as lighter-weight bodies and innovative slim taper neck with asymmetrical profiles, for example. However, these guitars are separate from the Gibson "Core" series allowing you to choose which style you want.

So in short; if you want the original spec Gibson guitars, the Gibson Original guitar series is the way to go. If you want something different with modern improvements, choose the Gibson Modern guitars.

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New Gibson Les Paul Guitars

As one of the most iconic instruments ever made, the Gibson Les Paul needs little in the way of introduction. The mixture of Gibson Original Les Paul guitars and Gibson Modern Les Paul guitars has impressed us.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Spec

For decades now, Gibson enthusiasts have been requesting that the Les Paul Standard reverts back to its original specifications. Well, you asked, and Gibson listened: introducing the new Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s and Les Paul Standard ‘60s guitars!

These phenomenal guitars return to the classic design of their respective era, with their truly solid bodies, era-appropriate neck profiles and hardware, and vintage-voiced pickups, this is what a true Les Paul playing experience should feel like.

2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Gold Top Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s Gold Top, with 50’s-style Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge, vintage deluxe tuners, and a BurstBucker 1 & 2 pickup combination

Also Available:

2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Bourbon Burst Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s Bourbon Burst Guitar, with a solid Mahogany body, AA Figured Maple top, slim-taper ‘60s-style neck, Tune-O-Matic Bridge, Grover Rotomatic “Kidney” tuners, and two BurstBucker 61 pickups

Also Available:

Each of these guitars comes complete with premium-grade wiring, a hard-shell case, and a Gibson Accessory Kit.

Gibson Les Paul Modern Graphite Top

Gibson Les Paul Modern Graphite Top

The all-new Gibson Les Paul Modern series incorporates a host of modern features that players of today have grown accustomed to including lighter-weight bodies as well as slim taper neck with asymmetrical profiles. This Gibson Les Paul Modern Graphite Top features an ebony fingerboard with compound radius for a lower action. A Modern contoured heel allows for easier access to the upper frets, 4 push-pull pots let you switch between the Gibson humbucker and the single-coil P90 sounds on the BurstBucker Pro and BurstBucker Pro + pickups and Grover locking Rotomatic tuners keep your tuning rock-solid. The clear top hat knobs also look great!

Also available:

Les Paul Studio Guitar with a Smokehouse Burst Finish

A fine example of the new finishes on the Les Paul Studio guitars would be Smokehouse Burst, as seen here.

2019 Gibson Les Paul Studio in Smokehouse Burst

Whilst the finish may be similar to previous offerings, there's no denying that the combination of its transparency, with the wood grain of the guitar's Maple top piece, gives you a distinctly smokey impression - as the name would suggest.

However, the new Les Paul Studio guitars don't just look great: they also sound incredible! This is thanks to the set of 490R and 498T humbuckers fitted in the Neck and Bridge positions (respectively), that deliver a high-output PAF-like tone.

If that wasn't enough for you, each of the Volume control pots feature a Push/Pull coil-tapping function, allowing you to independently switch each pickup into articulate Single Coils. This guitar comes complete with a soft shell case to keep it safe.

Also available:

Les Paul Special Tribute DC Blue Stain Guitar

Another new Les Paul entry for 2019, and a fan-favourite for many decades, would be the Les Paul Special Tribute DC, seen here in a Blue Stain Finish.

2019 Gibson Les Paul Tribute DC Blue Stain

Inspired by the original 1960 model, and more recently re-released during 2009, this stylish, lightweight guitar is back and ready to rock your world.

Featuring a slim taper neck profile, with easy access to every note on the fingerboard, and a set of roaring, vintage-style P-90 pickups, these guitars are as fun to play as you'd expect.

It's also worth noting that as part of the Gibson Tribute lineup of guitars, this Les Paul Special Double Cut is available at a fantastic price, and comes with its own gig bag.

Also available:

New Gibson SG Guitars

Another truly iconic Gibson guitar would be the incredible SG (originally named Solid Guitar). These dual-cutaway rock legends were originally developed as a modernised Les Paul in the early 1960's, but were renamed Solid Guitar - and later SG - as Les Paul preferred the previous single-cutaway design.

Gibson 61 SG Standard Maestro Vibrola Cherry Red

For 2019's Gibson Original Collection we have the introduction of a new historically accurate 1961 SG Standard, with a built-in Maestro Vibrola - seen here in Cherry Red.

2019 Gibson SG Standard 61 Maestro Vibrola

On looks alone, this guitar is quite possibly my favourite from the entire Gibson Original Collection. Thanks to the inclusion of a set of vintage-voiced Gibson 61 humbucker pickups though, it sounds incredible too.

There's also the obvious addition of a classic Maestro Vibrola bridge, which allows you to add subtle vibrato effects to your playing. Add to this the fast, playable neck that the SG is renowned for, along with a host of vintage-style aesthetics, as well as a hardshell case to keep it safe, and you're clearly onto a winner.

Also available:

Gibson SG Junior, Vintage Cherry

Another entry into the 2019 Gibson Original lineup is the reintroduction of the classic SG Junior - seen here in a Vintage Cherry finish.

2019 Gibson SG Junior in Vintage Cherry

This particular design was initially introduced during the early 1960's, and designed with students in mind. Featuring a powerful "dog ear" P-90 pickup, sharp vintage body scarfing, and an early 60's neck joint, this guitar is the perfect combination of simplicity, function, and hard-rocking tone.

As if that wasn't enough, this model even ships with a hard shell case for safe-keeping when not in use.

New Gibson ES Models

Gibson's latest ES (Electric Spanish) guitars are among some of the most popular semi-hollow instruments of the past six decades, with many notable players - BB King, for instance - preferring them over anything else.

Gibson ES-335 Figured Blue Burst Semi Hollow Guitar

For the new 2019 Gibson Modern lineup we have the introduction of some wonderful ES-335 Figured guitars - such as the one seen here, in a stunning Blue Burst finish.

2019 Gibson ES-334 Figured in Blue Burst

The Gibson ES-335 has a well-earned reputation for perfectly combining both form and function, which is most certainly evident with the new Figured releases. In place of the traditional 3-ply Maple construction, Gibson have instead opted for premium-grade AAA Figured Maple for the outer layer, giving the guitar a truly distinctive look that's nicely complimented by the Blue Burst finish.

These guitars come equipped with a thermally engineered chambered maple center block, which runs the full length of the body for increased natural sustain and feedback elimination. On top of this we have a set of PAF-like MHS II humbuckers, which have been specially designed to recreate those historic Memphis tones the ES-335 is renowned for.

This guitar also comes with a Gibson Hard Shell case to keep it safe when not in use.

Also Available:

Gibson ES-235 Semi Hollow Guitar in Vintage Sunburst

Coming at you straight out of Memphis, the Gibson ES-235 is a brand new design from Gibson. This guitar is largely inspired by the classic Gibson ES-125, along with the iconic Les Paul, and provides you with the looks, tone, and playability to tackle most genres of music.

2019 Gibson ES-235 Semi Hollow Vintage Sunburst

With its semi-hollow body built around a maple center block, the Gibson ES-235 pairs that legendary Gibson Memphis versatility with the hard-rocking looks of that familiar, single cutaway icon. Featuring a set of BurstBucker Pro pickups along with Memphis Tone Circuit Plus wiring, this guitar ensures that you're always ready to be heard.

The Gibson ES-235 comes complete with its own soft case, to keep it safe when not in use.

Also available:

New Gibson Designer Models

No new catalogue of Gibson guitars would be complete without the addition of some new Designer models for the Gibson Original range.

Gibson Explorer Custom EB in Gloss Ebony

My first mention from the list of Designer Models is this truly stunning, Gibson Custom Shop Explorer, with an Ebony fingerboard, and a Gloss Ebony finish.

2019 Gibson Explorer Custom Ebony Gloss

For this guitar, the Gibson Explorer's recognisably-angular body shape, "hockey stick" headstock, and hard rocking tones have been beautifully complimented with some Custom Shop appointments for that extra special touch. Among these appointments you'll find multi-ply binding to the body and fingerboard, mother of pearl block inlays, and Gold-finished hardware from head to foot.

For the pickups, Gibson have opted a set of 490R and 498T humbuckers, delivering a high-output, vintage-style tone. As if that wasn't enough this Gibson Explorer Custom comes complete with a deluxe hard shell case and certificate of authenticity.

Also available:

Gibson Firebird Guitar, in Tobacco Sunburst

Originally introduced in 1963, the Firebird was Gibson's first ever neck-through-body design. For the 2019 Gibson Original lineup, we get a return to the guitar's original roots.

2019 Gibson Firebird in Tobacco Burst

Featuring a traditional 9-ply mahogany/walnut neck, with mahogany wings fitted to either side of it, this guitar provides you with that rich, warm tonality, and bags of natural sustain. The neck is carved with a slim taper profile, and is capped with a bound rosewood fingerboard, offering fast and effortless playability.

In addition to this, the guitar is fitted with a set of Firebird Mini Humbuckers, designed to deliver that uniquely bright and tight voice the guitar is renowned for. As a nice finishing touch, the guitar comes with a hard shell case.

New Gibson Bass guitars

It's not just the 6-stringed guitars that are getting new additions for the 2019 Modern and Original lineups - there's also new Gibson basses that we're excited about too.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass in Worn Ebony

In addition to the reintroduction of the iconic Les Paul Junior Tribute DC and Les Paul Junior Special DC, Gibson have added the awesome Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass to their 2019 Modern Lineup.2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC bass Worn Ebony

This awesome, short-scale bass (see above in a Worn Ebony finish) is inspired by the iconic EB-0 bass of the late 1950's, but has been reinvented with the modern player in mind.

Featuring the same double-cutaway mahogany body as its six-string counterparts, along with a sleek mahogany neck, and a single, expanded range LP BassBucker pickup, this fun-sized bass is as no-nonsense and hard rocking as you could wish for.

As an added surprise, the Volume pot features a Push/Pull function, which will tap the humbucker's coils when activated, giving you a modern "scooped-mids" sound, as opposed to the fat vintage sound in standard mode.

This bass comes complete with a Designer Series padded gig bag, that will keep it safe as you travel from gig to gig.

Also available:

Gibson Thunderbird Bass Guitar, in Gloss Ebony

The classic "Reverse Body and Headstock" design of the Thunderbird Bass was originally introduced in 1963, making it Gibson's first ever neck-through-body bass guitar. This 2019 Gibson Original Model is less a new design, and more an old design revisited.

2019 Gibson Thunderbird Bass Ebony

Featuring that traditional 9-ply Mahogany and Walnut neck-through-body construction, with a set of Mahogany "wings" attached, this bass gives you the kind of thundering low-end response and piano-like sustain that the Thunderbird is renowned for.

In addition to this, it comes equipped with a set of high output, ceramic magnet-loaded humbuckers, a high-performance, rounded neck profile, and a striking Ebony Gloss finish, as seen in the above image.

You also need not worry about finding a new gig bag to fit this uniquely-shaped instrument, as it comes complete with it's own fitted, hard shell case.

Please note that whilst this electric bass isn't currently listed here at PMT Online, if you'd like to order one you need simply contact our Online Sales Team directly.

Also available:

New Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Long before they first electric guitars had ever been conceived, Gibson were renowned for their acoustic offerings. Whilst models like the SJ-200 and Hummingbird are as popular today as they've ever been, 2019 sees the introduction of a wonderful new entry to their acoustic lineup.

Gibson G-45 Studio Electro Acoustic Guitar in Antique Natural

With its slimmer body, discreet electronics, and incredible price, the new Generation Series (G-series) from Gibson make a fantastic new entry to their 2019 Modern Lineup.

2019 Gibson J-45 Studio Electro Acoustic Guitar

Featuring a solid Sitka Spruce top, sitting on a Walnut back and sides, along with a Utile neck, Walnut fretboard, and Fishman Sonitone preamp and pickup, this is a true acoustic workhorse of a guitar.

The body of the G-45 is a traditional round-shouldered Dreadnought shape, but as stated above is slimmer in depth, making it much more comfortable to play. In addition to this, the neck is crafted with an Advanced Response profile. The combination of Spruce and Walnut on the body results in a crisp, articulate tone, with plenty of added richness.

If you prefer the more traditional acoustic guitar look, without any electronics "blemishing" the upper bout, then you're in luck: both the preamp and controls on the G-45 are discretely mounted within the soundhole!

Best of all: not only does this guitar come complete with a G-Series hard shell case, but it's available at a significantly lower price than a traditional Gibson acoustic, making it ideal for aspiring professionals.

Also available:

The Different Series Explained

New 2019 Gibson USA Classic Series Explained

Watch as we find out just what’s happening at Gibson and the key models within the Gibson USA Classic series. This is a return to form for Gibson, allowing the team to create the guitars that purists want.

New Made in USA Gibson Tribute, Designer Series & Tribute Bass

These Gibson Tribute are the most affordable Made in USA Gibson guitars. The Gibson Designer series offer players who love their Firebirds, Flying V’s and Explorers a beautiful playing experience and return to form.

New Gibson 2019 Contemporary & Modern Series Guitars

The Gibson Contemporary (or Modern Series) series is where Gibson start to change things up. This allows the team at Gibson to dedicate time to pushing things forward whilst not affecting the Gibson Core range, now known as Original Collection, that purists love.

New 2019 Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

In this video we get to see a selection of the new Gibson 2019 Custom Shop guitars available to order now.

Shop Gibson Original and Modern guitars over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a selection for yourself. Cant see the model you want? We can special order it for you – call 0151 448 2089.

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