Gibson Guitars are some of the finest instruments on the planet. When you do come to find and purchase your dream Gibson, we assure you that it is a positively euphoric experience.

Gibson-bristolGibson guitars on display at PMT Bristol
But if you do not buy from a Gibson Authorized Dealer, that joyous experience can be ruined. Only products that are purchased from a Gibson Authorized Dealer are covered by their Limited Lifetime Warranty*. This warranty is non-transferable. A purchase from a non-authorized dealer means that their Warranty is null and void. Any product sold on an auction site is considered ‘secondhand’, and therefore not covered by the warranty, as is any Gibson guitar sold on eBay, Amazon and other online retailers that don’t have the Gibson stamp of approval.

Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is just one of the many benefits that only Gibson Authorized Dealers, like Professional Music Technology, can provide. Other exclusive advantages include:

  • We offer a broad selection with the best variety and most up-to-date Gibson and Epiphone products.
  • PMT in-store experts have extensive expertise with Gibson products and a broad knowledge of Gibson history.
  • We can offer warranty replacement parts for your instrument.
  • We have a direct relationship with Gibson and can send products back to Gibson and Epiphone, if necessary.
  • We offer the best in customer service. At PMT you can have a face-to-face relationship with our staff and can truly find the guitar that’s the best fit for your needs.

All of our PMT Music Stores are authorized Gibson Dealers – and if you don’t believe us check out Gibson’s dealer locator. You’ll find us on there! We’ve also got this fancy official Authorized Internet Retail Site icon straight from Gibson, so that you know our Gibson guitars are the genuine article online too.