We take a look at the best new guitars, amps, pedals and gear from Summer NAMM 2021

Every year at NAMM we’re treated to a whole host of the hottest new releases from some of the most revered and iconic names in music.

Here are some of our favourite Summer NAMM 2021 releases from Fender, BOSS, PRS and more..

Here are some of our favourite Summer NAMM 2021 releases from Fender, BOSS, PRS and more..

New BOSS Electronic Guitar - BOSS Eurus GS-1

The Eurus GS-1 from BOSS combines advanced synthesizer technology with a premium electronic guitar, creating a powerful instrument that offers unparalleled versatility and playability.

With 6 onboard memories for synth patches, the guitar features Bluetooth connectivity for deep editing of sounds via a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices.

The guitar features a stunning 24-fret neck, compound-radius rosewood fingerboard, and an offset double-cutaway body design.The two custom-designed pickups offer diverse configurations via a five-way selector switch, whilst the Gotoh two-point tremolo bridge and locking machine heads keep everything in-tune and sounding extraordinary.

Shown here with the optional EV-1-WL Wireless Expression Pedal, the guitar also comes with a high-quality CB-EG10 gig-bag and regular USB synth updates via a Mac or Windows computer.

New Epiphone Slash Collection

Taking inspiration from some of the most iconic guitars in Slash's personal collection, this new range of 'Inspired by Gibson' guitars features an assortment of classic Les Paul colourways and a pair of gorgeous J-45 electro-acoustic models.

Pictured here in a Goldtop finish, the Les Paul is also available in:

Pictured here in Vermillion Burst, the J-45 is also available in the heavenly November Burst finish.

Designed for hard rock enthusiasts everywhere, if you need a budget-friendly axe that still delivers glorious tone then look no further than the Epiphone Slash Collection.

New Fender Artist Series Guitars

New Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang

Fender have doubled-down on 90’s guitar heroes this year with signature models for Nirvana icon Kurt Cobain and Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis.

The Jag-Stang model has been revived for 2021 with a unique, lightweight alder body and sleek maple neck, whilst the blend of a humbucker with the classic Fender single-coil ensures the most faithful reproduction of Kurt’s tone.

Available in Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red, this guitar is also available in both Left-Handed and Right-Handed variations.

New J Mascis Telecaster

The new J Mascis Telecaster comes in a glorious Bottle Rocket Blue Flake finish and offers custom ’58 Tele single-coil pickups.

The top-loader bridge helps to replicate J’s special tone, and the C-shaped neck guarantees an endlessly playable axe that somehow sounds just as good as it looks.

For J Mascis fans, this guitar is one you really need to get your hands on.

New Squier FSR Guitars

This outstanding lineup of guitars and basses comes courtesy of Squier and the ever-popular FSR line of guitars and basses.

New Squier Bullet Guitars

First up is the Bullet Telecaster, offering the inimitable Telecaster twang for the budget-conscious player. Also available in Olympic White, these guitars are perfect across a wide-range of genres and are an awesome entry-point for beginners or as a back-up guitar.

The Bullet Competition Mustang (pictured second) is an exceptional introduction to the world of offset guitars, featuring retro-inspired aesthetics and a short-scale suited perfectly for energetic live performances.

Twin humbuckers guarantee a thick, gnarly sound that is hard to find at this price point, and the 3-way switch allows for tonal flexibility across a wide palette of tones.

New Squier Classic Vibe Models

For the bassists, the 60’s-inspired Classic Vibe Precision model provides a superb sound in a gorgeous Sonic Blue finish with matching headstock. Fender-designed Alnico split-coil pickups are the standout on this low-end machine, capable of producing a plethora of bass tones for an extensive number of playing styles.

Another release in the realm of the bass player is this Classic Vibe Bass VI in Shell Pink. With 3 pickups and a comprehensive switching system, this instrument truly sounds unlike anything else.

Featuring a floating vibrato system and slim C-shaped neck, the Bass VI is tuned to an octave below a traditional 6-string guitar and can be used to embellish your music with a distinctive sound that has been utilised by Jack Bruce, John Lennon, and Robert Smith to name a few.

Also available in this beautiful colourway is the Classic Vibe 60’s Jaguar (pictured above).

This vintage-styled Jag perfectly captures the essence of the era, with surf rock sounds galore and the looks to match.

Fender-designed Alnico single-coils are controlled via a traditional Jaguar switching system, and the shorter scale means it’s easy to play when making quick neck runs and using the vibrato arm.

One of our favourite guitars from Squier this year is this Olympic White Stratocaster model with Mint pickguard.

This guitar is just as expressive, adaptable, and fun-to-play as any other Stratocaster, and the throwback design is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and other Fender guitar gods of the 1960’s.

Also featured in the Classic Vibe lineup is a range of Esquire Telecasters. Pictured above in Black, these axes are also available in a 3-colour Sunburst model and an extremely pretty Lake Placid Blue.

New Mini Jazzmaster

Squier have also announced a new Mini Jazzmaster aimed at beginner guitarists and travelling musicians.

This pint-sized powerhouse offers dual humbuckers and an epic black and tortoiseshell colour combination, so that no matter your size you can rock out on a cool Fender offset.

New Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass

Last but by no means least is the Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass - a modern bass player's dream.

With 5-strings and booming SQR ceramic active humbuckers, this sleek model pairs all-black hardware with a tasty Olive Satin finish and a matching headstock.
The 9-volt preamp delivers full control over volume, with added pickup blend, traditional tone and stacked boost controls for bass and treble. This allows your ideal tone to be dialled-in and unleashed with the best of vintage and contemporary style.

New Jackson Chris Broderick Guitars

Returning with a thinner body and lush black neck binding, the new Jackson Chris Broderick Signature Guitars are out of this world.

Available in Transparent Blue or Black, these models come in 6 and 7-string variations depending on how heavy you want to get, as well as Floyd Rose and Hard Tail models for each.

The matching headstocks ensure these axes exude class, and the newly positioned output jack is now on the rear of the body for superior comfort and ease of use when shredding live.

The volume and tone controls also come with a coil-split, as well as featuring tone-killing capabilities and a standard 2-way killswitch. Expect heavy riffing and soaring solos on these spectacular monsters.

New Ibanez Headless Guitars

Shown here in Laser Blue Matte, the incredible new Ibanez Q Series Headless Guitars are fresh out of the future in both looks and sound.

The ergonomic body design offers complete comfort alongside the Wizard C-neck, and the two newly-designed Q58 humbucker pickups produce a sound that is truly innovative.

The dyna-MIX system with Alter Switch gives you an extremely generous 9-10 voicing options to choose from depending on the model, whilst the Custom String Lock works in perfect harmony with the Mono-Tune bridges to offer exquisite tuning stability.

These axes come with premium hardware and a padded gig-bag, and they’re available across different models in the following colours, too:

New EVH Iconic Series Amps

The EVH 5150 Iconic Series of amplifiers will satisfy your cravings for elite EVH tube tone at a more affordable price.

All of the amps in this range are equipped with JJ 6L6 Power and JJ ECC83S pre-amp valves, as well as an adjustable noise gate and solo boost for searing leads.

The custom Celestion EVH speakers provide expectedly epic tones, and the included 2-button footswitch can be easily integrated into your existing pedalboard setup for channel switching and boost activation.

Available in Black and Ivory finishes, this range has to be heard to be believed!

New Shure MV7 Podcast Kit

This all-in-one kit is the perfect starting point for any aspiring podcaster or content creator.

With versatile XLR and USB connectivity, the ShurePlus Motiv app allows for real-time control of levels both manually and automatically.

The impressive dynamic microphone is compatible with almost any device and in any scenario, and with intuitive Voice Isolation Technology additional room noise is minimised for audio quality that boasts clarity and definition.

If you’re new to Podcasting or just need to refine your setup, the Shure MV7 is an awesome option.

For more information on podcasting check out our handy guide here!

New Laney Digbeth Amps and Black Country Customs Pedals

New from Laney is a selection of Digbeth heads and cabs, as well as a powerful combo amplifier and some super-sounding Black Country Customs pedal options.

Available in 200w or 500w models, the heads offer everything you’ve come to expect from Laney when concerned with bass, with the familiar powerful rumble ever-present.

Featuring mixable FET & TUBE pre-amp sections alongside the TILT 'EQ Seesaw' function, you’ll get everything you could ever want from your bass via these amps.

Run them through a choice of the new cabinets and you’ll struggle to go wrong - available in 8x10, 2x12, or two 4x10 variants,

Also available from Laney are the new Black Country Customs pedals. Our current favourite is the Blackheath Bass Distortion above, but you can also get your hands on the Custard Factory Compressor and the 85 Bass Octave Pedal.

Laney are also offering an exciting new pre-amp stompbox unit made specifically for bass, featuring an eclectic mix of features that are certain to elevate your bass rig.

New PRS HX Amps

Presenting the newly-documented ‘Authentic Hendrix’ touring circuit, these amps are the result of research undertaken by PRS on the amplifier purportedly used by Hendrix at Woodstock and around the world.

Equipped with a 3-band TMB tone stack, a 3-way bright switch, high-mid gain switch, and presence controls, each of these features has been selected in order to mirror the original Hendrix amplifier, all whilst offering heightened control and modern innovation.

With an internally-bridged two channel design, you can run one of these heads through the all-new cabinets and access a world of tones straight from the 60’s - all with the contemporary conveniences you know and love.

Check out the rest of the range!

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