Read our complete Taylor Guitars comparison and buying guide so you can make the right choice when choosing your new Taylor acoustic

If you’re thinking of purchasing your first Taylor guitar, it’s worth reading our complete Taylor Guitars comparison guide so you know which tonewoods are used, and understand which models are available to you. In this Taylor Guitars comparison guide, we’ll take a look at the key benefits of each guitar so you can make the right choice when choosing your first (or tenth) Taylor guitar!

Taylor Builder's Edition

First up in our Taylor Guitars comparison guide is the Taylor Builders edition series. These premium guitars are the pinnacle of the Taylor line and feature a range of exotic tonewoods, refined body shapes and specially designed interior bracing for an incredible playing experience. When you pick one of these up you’ll enjoy an incredibly nuanced sound and increased playability - it's all part of the experience that Master Builder Andy Powers and his team have striven to create with this series of guitars. Each guitar is loaded with revolutionary V-Class bracing, providing more volume and sustain overall as well as a far more 'in tune' sound from your notes. Premium tonewoods, sleek body contours and optimised playing surfaces all contribute to a high-fidelity acoustic tone that players of all levels will enjoy, but old-hands will really notice. These are not your regular acoustic guitars! Available models:
  • Builder’s Edition 324ce
  • Builder’s Edition 816ce
  • Builder’s Edition 912ce
  • Builder’s Edition 652ce
  • Builder’s Edition 614ce
  • Builder’s Edition K24ce
  • Builder’s Edition K14ce
  • Builder’s Edition 517
  • Builder’s Edition 717
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Taylor Koa Series

Koa is quickly becoming one of the most sought after tonewoods thanks to its rich and warm tonal properties that don’t drown out the articulation of your playing. Each model in the Koa series sports a Koa top as well as a beautiful shaded edgeburst treatment around the entire guitar. V-class bracing help to deliver that pronounced projection and the sleek cutaway design also allows you to hit the upper frets. Spring vine inlays finish off the guitar nicely. The cool thing about this guitar is the fact that the wood ages beautifully, which means your guitar sounds better with each passing year. Available models:
  • K22ce
  • K22ce 12-Fret
  • Builder’s Edition K14ce
  • Builder’s Edition K24ce
  • K24ce
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Taylor 900 Series

Next up in our Taylor Guitars comparison is the Taylor 900 Series. These elegant acoustic guitars feature Indian Rosewood back and sides, as well as Sitka Spruce tops. Taylor say that this particular combination results in an inspiring tone that really brings out the nuances of your playing. A hand-bevelled ebony armrest and contrasting Koa and Paua abalone edge trim finish off the guitar nicely. We really love the finely calibrated Gotoh 510 tuners and luxurious headstock design, too. This is perfect for the performers out there as it comes with ES2 electronics built-in and a Taylor deluxe hardshell case to keep your guitar safe in transit. Available models:
  • 912ce
  • 912ce 12-Fret
  • 914ce
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Taylor 800 & 800 Deluxe Series

The Taylor 800 and 800 Deluxe series features Indian Rosewood back and sides, as well as Sitka Spruce, tops. Although not as ornate as the 900 series, the 800 Deluxe series still features unique characteristics that set it apart. A light-coloured binding has been included which is made from figured Maple, green abalone rosettes and inlays, coloured Ebony fretboards and a pickguard created from Indian Rosewood have all been included. Master builder Andy Powers has ensured each guitar provides exceptional volume, sustain, clarity and uniformity of character. The inclusion of Taylor’s onboard Expression System 2 pickup means that you get all the dynamics and tonal qualities filtering through when plugged into an amp. Available models:
  • 812ce 12-Fret DLX
  • 812ce DLX
  • 814ce DLX
  • 812e
  • 812ce
  • 812ce-N
  • 812ce 12-Fret
  • 814ce
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Taylor 700 Series

The Taylor 700 series guitars are voiced specifically to provide a rootsy feel and respond to your playing. Dig in and the guitar will give back, play softly and the guitar will sing smoothly. You have a selection of classic and newer tonewoods providing the perfectly rounded sound you need. The Lutz Spruce tops are a hybrid of Sitka and White spruce and produce a similar sound to the like of aged Adirondack. However, this hybrid tonewood means you get a higher volume, which is especially noticeable thanks to the Performance Bracing and use of animal Protein Glue. A Hawaiian Koa binding and Douglas Fir top edge trim accentuate the beautiful curves of the guitar whilst the “Reflections” fretboard inlay and Douglas Fir rosette finish off the guitar. Available models:
  • 712ce
  • 712ce-N
  • 712e 12-Fret
  • 712ce 12-Fret
  • 714ce
  • 714ce-N
  • Builder's Edition 717e
  • Builder's Edition 717
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Taylor 600 Series

When you think of Maple as a tonewood, you’re probably thinking snappy, and articulate more than warm, right? Well, the team at Taylor Guitars have managed to refine and revoice their Maple guitars, pairing them with specially seasoned spruce to produce a richer, warmer sound. You get the best of both worlds! Figured Big Leaf Maple has been used for the back and sides on these guitars as well as Torrefied Sitka Spruce tops. This Torrefication process essentially ages the wood and gives the guitar a played-in, aged feel. It’s just like picking up a vintage guitar. V-Class bracing in conjunction with the ES2 electronic system ensures your guitar sounds loud and resonant whether you’re plugged in or not. Visual aesthetics like a hand-rubbed Brown Sugar stain highlights the rich figure of the maple back and sides. A beautiful guitar that sounds as good as it looks. Available models:
  • 612ce
  • 612ce 12-Fret
  • 614ce
  • Builder’s Edition 614ce
  • Builder’s Edition 614ce Wild Honey Burst
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Taylor 500 Series

The Taylor 500 Series features beautifully crafted guitars made with Mahogany back and sides as well as a choice of three distinctive top options such as Lutz spruce, Mahogany, or Cedar. These all gloss guitars are ideal for the fingerpickers out there as the V-Class bracing brings out the sound, whilst the gloss ensures you have a snap and articulation that is unrivalled in this price range. You have a range of different body styles to choose from, making them ideal for players of all styles. Again, the 500 series comes with the Taylor Expression System 2 electronics for tonal clarity and reliability when playing through an amplifier. Available models:
  • 512ce
  • 512ce 12-Fret
  • 522ce
  • 522e 12-Fret
  • 522ce 12-Fret
  • 552ce
  • 562ce
  • 514ce
  • 524ce
  • Builder’s Edition 517
  • Builder’s Edition 517e
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Taylor 400 Series

Next up in our Taylor Guitars comparison is the Taylor 400 series. These guitars utilise Sitka Spruce tops with either Ovangkol or Indian Rosewood backs and sides. These guitars provide a full-range acoustic voice. We love this model in particular as both back and side options deliver such a different tone. The Rosewood option emphasizes the low and high ends of the tonal spectrum with a dash of treble. Whereas the Ovangkol tonewood provides that stronger midrange presence you need to stand out from the mix. The Rosewood option has the Renaissance fretboard inlays whilst the Ovangkol utilises the diamond inlay – the choice is yours! A Venetian cutaway design, V-Class bracing and the use of the Expression System 2 all contribute to the pro-level playability. Available models:
  • 412e-R
  • 412ce
  • 412ce-R
  • 414ce
  • 414ce-R
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Taylor 300 Series

The Taylor 300 series is Taylors most budget-friendly all solid-wood guitar series. These guitars present the perfect opportunity for players of all levels to get hold of an acoustic guitar made from solid tone woods. You have a choice of two solid-wood pairings such as Sapele with a Spruce top, or Blackwood with a Mahogany top. The Sapele and Spruce pairing produces a clearer, focused sound with a pronounced midrange power and warmth. The hardwood Mahogany version creates a natural compression effect that really helps to even out the attack – this is perfect for rhythm players and singer-songwriters who don’t want a guitar drowning out their vocals. Across the entire 300 Series you have the signature black binding and Small Diamonds inlay scheme in Italian acrylic. We love the Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert models as they benefit from the tone-enhancing capabilities of Taylors V-Class bracing which really help with projection. Available models:
  • 312ce
  • 312ce-N
  • 312ce 12-Fret
  • 322e
  • 322ce
  • 322e 12-Fret
  • 322ce 12-Fret
  • 352ce
  • 362ce
  • 314
  • 314ce
  • 324e
  • 324ce
  • 317
  • 317e
  • 327
  • 327e
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Taylor 200 Deluxe & 200 Series

All the 200 Series Taylor guitars feature a solid top wood paired with a layered wood back and sides. All guitars from this series include ES2 electronics, which is a welcome addition to this stunning range of professional-level guitars. The Deluxe collection includes a rich, full-gloss body whereas the 200 series utilises a satin-finish body and gloss finish top for protection and snap. You have a choice of layered Koa, Copafera or Maple backs and sides as well as a Sitka Spruce or Koa top – so plenty of options when it comes to tonewoods. Available models:
  • 214ce-CF DLX
  • 214ce-BLK DLX
  • 214ce-SB DLX
  • 214ce-K DLX
  • 224ce-K DLX
  • 214ce
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Taylor 100 Series

The Taylor 100 series is a no-nonsense range of guitars comprising of a Grand Auditorium shape and Dreadnought with optional cutaway. The new Sunburst Finish options are also incredibly cool. These guitars are intermediate level options for those who want a pro-level sound at a budget that won’t break the bank. All guitars have a layered Walnut back and sides as well as a Sitka Spruce top which is an ideal combination for players of all styles. Chords ring out clearly and fingerpicked notes are full of deep lows, punchy mids and clear treble frequencies. Available models:
  • 110ce
  • 110e
  • 114ce
  • 114ce-N
  • 114e
  • 150e
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Taylor Academy Series

If you’re on a tight budget, but you still want a highly playable guitar that distils the essentials of what a guitar needs to be, then look no further than the Taylor Academy Series guitars. These are ideal options for beginners who need a budget-friendly option to learn on, yet make great playing partners for experienced guitarists who need a more affordable full-size Taylor guitar. The hand-friendly necks include lighter gauge strings, making it easier to play and the comfortable armrest ensures a far more relaxed playing experience. You also have three models to choose from: A Dreadnought for strumming or flatpicking, a Grand Concert for fingerpicking, or a nylon-string Grand Concert. So, plenty of styles are covered. Each guitar is made with Layered Sapele back and sides and utilise a Sitka Spruce top, with the Lutz Spruce used on the nylon string version. These are the most affordable full-size Taylor’s in our Taylor Guitars comparison and highly recommended. Available models:
  • Academy 10
  • Academy 10e
  • Academy 12
  • Academy 12e
  • Academy 12-N
  • Academy 12e-N
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Taylor GS Mini & GS Mini Bass

The Taylor GS models are some of the most popular small-scale guitars on the market today. Since they were introduced in 2010, the GS-Mini has taken on a life of its own appearing on records and on stage for over a decade. These guitars provide a surprisingly full-bodied, pronounced sound that blows a lot of other small-scale guitars out of the water. You have a range of tonewood options available including layered Sapele, Koa, Walnut or Maple backs and sides. You can also choose from Sitka Spruce, Mahogany or Koa tops depending on your tonal preference. There’s also a range of acoustic bass options too, which are surprisingly powerful. Available models:
  • GS Mini
  • GS Mini-e mahogany
  • GS Mini-e Koa
  • GS Mini-e Walnut
  • GS Mini-e Bass
  • GS Mini-e Maple bass
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Taylor Baby Series

If you want a travel-size guitar, but don’t want to compromise on volume or tone, then the Baby Taylor acoustic series might be for you. Slightly larger than the GS Mini, these guitars provide a familiar shape and size, but scaled-down – you’ll feel right at home. These three-quarter size guitars are designed for travelling musicians and those with smaller hands, making it a perfect option for children, too. Electro-acoustic versions come with the great-sounding Expression System Baby (ES-B) pickup which really brings out the subtle nuances of the tonewoods and provides a realistic representation of your playing dynamics. You have a range to choose from with tonewoods such as Koa, Layered Sapele or Layered Walnut back and sides, as well as Koa, Sitka Spruce or Mahogany tops available. Available models:
  • BTe-Koa
  • BT1
  • BT2
  • TSBTe (Taylor Swift model)
  • BBT
  • BBTe
  • Baby Taylor BT1-e
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