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500 Series

Taylor 500 Series acoustic guitars tips the hat towards the more fingerpicking guitarist and the Taylor 500 Series are lovingly constructed using high-grade tonewoods offering a clear acoustic character

Exclusive and Exceptional 500 Series

Every 500 series instrument's back and sides are crafted using the elite tonewood, Tropical Mahogany. That's what makes the Taylor 500 Series noteworthy.

The Taylor 500 Series comes in three contrasting tonewood tops and three various body styles. This will give you plenty of choices when choosing one of these Taylor Guitars. Whatever you choose to play, there's one to fit your music obsession.

Tropical Tonewood

Tropical Mahogany tonewood boasts a prominent and thorough midrange. With rich sustain and detailed tones. Each Taylor 500 Series guitar features a Solid Tropical Mahogany back and sides. This gives the Taylor 500 series its distinctive flavour.

With its delicate sonic pitching, the 500 Series acoustics leans nearer the fingerpicking guitar player.

The 500 Series comes with three distinctive tonewood tops. Western Red Cedar, Tropical Mahogany and Sitka Spruce. Western Red Cedar and Tropical Mahogany feature on the standard 500 Series Acoustics. The Sitka Spruce comes on the Builder's Edition 500 Series Taylors.

Different Sounding Woods

Both of these tonewoods offer fully-projected tone profiles across the 500 series range. Both fantastically rich.

The Western Cedar delivers a wonderful midrange voice, great for the fingerstyle player with a delicate draw. You can see it here on the Taylor 514ce Acoustic Guitar.

The Tropical Mahogany, which matches the back and sides, delivers a more focused midrange with natural compression. Both the Taylor 522ce and Taylor 522e feature a Solid Tropical Mahogany Top and Grand Concert Guitar shapes.

The delicate richness of each tonewood sings through each guitar, whether you're playing at home, in the studio or on stage.

Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert Body Shapes

Arriving in two main body shape styles - Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert. The 500 Series also features a Grand Pacific model, courtesy of the spectacular Builder's Edition. Builder's Edition Taylors are the cream of the crop, with some unique features and gorgeous aesthetic touches.

All unique, all designed to to fit each guitarist individually.

An expressive body shape. The Grand Auditorium size and shape land between a Dreadnought and Grand Concert. The 500 Series expresses a full bass with an articulate midrange. Not to mention those sweet crisp highs. Perfect for the player that needs a guitar for several music genres. Here the Taylor 524ce comes with a Grand Auditorium shaped body.

Arriving in 1984 the Grand Concert shaped body also features on the Taylor 500 series. This body style features a smaller body and shorter scale than the Grand Auditorium.

Being a more compact guitar than the Grand Auditorium. The Grand Concerts tone would be fantastic for the finger picker. With a naturally balanced sound, it highlights more of the mids and highs. Crisp and clean.

Refined Taylor Detailing

The V-Class bracing aids volume right across the guitar with a longer sustain. For the performing Taylor player, it also features an Expression System 2 Pickup. This pickup lets the Taylor 500 Series natural tone shine through.

With an easy feel and solid neck, you'll have no trouble chording and picking single notes out on the fingerboard.

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