Taylor 400 Series

The Taylor 400 Series serves as a great mid-range option in the Taylor Guitar series lineup. With unique detailing, choice tonewoods and a bright, powerful acoustic voice, the 400 Series suits a wide range of playing styles.


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You have four decisions to make when it comes to choosing your Taylor 400 Series Acoustic guitars. They are available with either Rosewood or Ovangkol back and sides, and with a Grand Auditorium or Grand Concert body shape.

Either way, each option is perfectly matched with a Solid Spruce top, and the entire range of Taylor 400 series acoustic guitars is still as diverse as ever. Whatever your style, you'll find a guitar for you.


The Taylor 400 Series Acoustic guitars land right in the middle of the Taylor acoustic range.

Their main attribute of the 400 series is the Solid Indian Rosewood or Solid African Ovangkol back and sides. Both kinds of wood have been expertly matched with a selected Solid Spruce top.

This combination of fine tonewoods has been a staple sound amongst the Taylor 400 Series, generating a series of acoustics that are rich in tone and playing style with Taylor's signature warmth and detail.


Both of these tonewoods deliver fully-projected tone profiles. Both slightly different, both amazingly rich. You'll find with rosewood that its sonic voice expresses more of the lows and highs of the guitar, whereas Ovangkol draws the midrange presence out from the instrument. Both kinds of wood sustain with grace and longevity, and the delicate richness of each tonewood will come through, whether you're playing at home, in the studio or on stage.


If you love the sound of both tonewoods, then maybe the aesthetic looks of each wood will help you decide which Taylor 400 series to buy!

Rosewood has a chocolate hue, offering a real deep peat colouring. See the rosewood back and sides on the Taylor 414ce-R V-Class Electro-Acoustic.

On the other hand, Ovangkol has a lighter more golden visual wood.

You can see here on the Taylor 414ce V-Class Electro Acoustic the gorgeous Ovangkol finish. Both look beautiful, in their own unique ways.


The new Taylor 400 Series Acoustic guitars come in two alternative body shape styles. Grand Auditorium or Grand Concert. Both feature a Venetian cutaway for superior upper fret access. Utilising softly rounded lines. Both equally different, both great sizes for the acoustic player.

The 400 Series Grand Auditorium is one of Taylors most popular body styles, with proportions that land between a Dreadnought and Grand Concert. It delivers a full lower end, distinctive mids and crisp highs - perfect for the finger-picker and strummer alike.

The Taylor 400 series also comes in the Grand Concert-shaped body. Debuting in 1984, this body style features a smaller body and shorter scale than the Grand Auditorium - ideal for the stage and studio. The Grand Concert leans more towards the finger picker, with a balanced output that emphasises more of the mids and highs. Crisp, pure and delicate.


To project greater volume and sustain through the guitar each 400 series Taylor comes with V-Class Bracing. An Expression System 2 Pickup comes installed in every 400 series. Delivering the natural voice of the Taylor 400 Series instrument.

Any easy and comfortable neck lets you move your hand up and down the fingerboard quickly and easy. If you're still undecided on a Taylor. This handy guide will give you 10 Reasons Why You Need A Taylor Acoustic Guitar.


As a key Taylor dealer, all our staff have extensive knowledge of the Taylor series of instruments. The best way to see which one of the 400 Series is right for you is to sit down and play one in a PMT Store!

Our staff will happily spend time with you. Going through each difference throughout all our Taylor range. Carefully helping you steer towards your chosen Taylor Acoustic.

You can do some further reading by checking out our Taylor Comparison Guide. This will help you decide which Taylor guitar is for you.