Taylor 900 Series

The most refined and exquisite models, the Taylor 900 Series sit right at the top of the Taylor tree. Designed with full excellence and extreme detail, the 900 Series presents the pinnacle of Taylor Acoustic craftsmanship, creative design and acoustic engineering.

The most exquisite models in the Taylor range, the 900 Series sits right at the top of the Taylor tree. Designed with an unwavering attention to detail, these guitars highlight the best of Taylor Acoustic craftsmanship, creativity, and engineering.


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Centred around the perfect combination of Solid Sitka Spruce tops and Solid Indian Rosewood, the 900 series guitars have only four models in the range - each with their own character and distinction.


The most stand-out model in the 900 Series is the delightful Taylor 914ce Acoustic Guitar. Featuring a Grand Auditorium body shape, it's ideal for just about any playing style and musical genre.

The matched pairing of solid Indian Rosewood and solid Sitka Spruce top wood delivers a deep bass response, gentle midrange, and a sparkling high-end, whilst the resonant spruce top sustains perfectly and brings a strong articulation to the performance of the guitar.

The Grand Auditorium body offers complete balance right along the tonal spectrum, letting the tonewoods do the work. These guitars also feature a bevelled construction for ultra comfort as well as unique styling across the 900 series range.


The Taylor 912ce and the Taylor 912ce 12-Fret offer the Grand Concert body shape, with the 12-Fret model describing exactly what it says on the tin. The 12th fret is where the body meets the neck on this model, which has only 18 frets in total.

These Taylor 900 series Grand Concert body styles offer clarity and a formidable balance. Debuting in 1984, the Grand Concert gives you a slightly smaller scale and a subtly wider neck, making this instrument the go-to guitar for finger pickers everywhere.


The Taylor 900 Series features one more instrument, the Taylor Builder's Edition 912ce. A different breed of Taylor, the Builder's Edition guitars feature right across the full range of Taylors and you can learn more about them here.


All the Taylor 900 guitars arrive with a plentiful focus on the finer details.

The unique V-Bracing System delivers a longer sustain and an overall volume increase right across the guitar, and with an Expression Pickup System this translates perfectly to the live arena.


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