Builder's Edition

Taylor Builder's Edition guitars are very special guitars indeed - designed with paramount focus on playing experience and sound. Each Taylor Builders Edition Guitar carries the Taylor philosophy - guitars that demand comfort along with a rich and wholesome tone.

These guitars are innovative and classic at the same time, offering up premium tonewoods and ultimate sound and resonance. They can also handle a variety of playing styles and still sound great. With a determined focus on playability and comfort, this guitar will feel natural and play like your best friend no matter what level you are at.


If you're looking for quality and reliability then you can put your faith in the Taylor Builders Edition. 

Redefined body shapes of the Taylor Builders Edition range

There are highlights everywhere in the Taylor Builders Edition range. Expect refined body shapes, interior bracing and outstanding tonewoods that will get the job done no matter what your style, genre or level is. These are professional-level guitars for players who are serious about their sound and style.

Highlights in the Taylor Builders Edition Range

If you're seeking something of ultimate quality and you've got the budget, we'd recommend taking a look at the Taylor Builders Edition K14ce V-Class Electro-Acoustic Guitar, a highly stylish guitar created by master guitar designer Andy Powers. If that's beyond your budget then you can take a look at the Taylor Builder’s Edition 517e Grand Pacific Electro-Acoustic Guitar - another gem in an all-new Taylor shape.

Taylor Builders Edition - Inspire Greatness

Built to sound better and feel better - this is a guitar that many would dream of having in their armoury. As an acoustic machine, Taylor wanted to craft something that has paramount value for the musician. The Taylor Builders Edition is guaranteed to inspire and elevate players across all genres.

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