300 Series

The Taylor 300 Series

The Taylor 300 Series has been a constant go-to for those acoustic players seeking an all-solid-wood experience. The range presents two key options when it comes to wood pairings - Sapele with a Spruce top or Blackwood with a Mahogany top.

Taylor 300 Series - Be Inspired

These two stunning tonewood combinations are sure to inspire countless players to hone their craft and develop their sound. The Sapele and Spruce offering is ideal if you’re seeking a clear and balanced tone, whereas Blackwood and Mahogany are equally balanced - only the hardwood of mahogany offers a natural compression which will come to life when you’re strumming through more urgent songs.

Taylor 300 Guitars - Paramount tone for professionals

The Taylor 300 range is best suited for professional players who have a clear idea of what they want when it comes to sound, tone and all-around performance. These striking electro-acoustics use exquisite tonewood combinations which mean this guitar is perfect for both live and studio work. Make no mistake, these pro-level guitars will last a lifetime in the right hands and will be a trusty companion throughout any musical career.

Taylor 300 Guitars - A few highlights

If the Spruce and Sapele model takes your fancy then we’d recommend taking a closer look at the Taylor 314ce V-Class Electro-Acoustic Guitar, this Grand Auditorium Style guitar is an absolute workhorse that’s perfect for stage and studio. However, if you’d prefer the mahogany tonewood then you should take a look at the Taylor 322ce 12-Fret V-Class Electro-Acoustic Guitar - which boasts an articulate sound and is perfect for intricate playing.

Shop Taylor 300 Guitars at PMT

If you require further information on the PMT 300 range then be sure to visit your nearest PMT Store. Alternatively, you can give us a call or get in touch via our website. Our guitar experts will be able to help find the perfect guitar for your needs - depending on budget, style and sound. Pick up a Taylor 300 today!