Taylor GS Mini Series

The Taylor GS Mini Series is based on a scaled-down Grand Symphony body shape, packing a full guitar voice into a comfortably compact form.

The GS-Mini packs a bright, tight voice, making it perfect for travel, home practice, rehearsal and songwriting. It's the all in-one-acoustic tool for the modern musician!


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Taylor GS Mini vs Baby Taylor

If you’re seeking a Grand Symphony-style acoustic guitar but are worried about the size, the GS Mini is your best choice. The Baby Taylor is a dreadnought-shaped acoustic guitar and is a slightly smaller option than the GS Mini. Both of these guitars are perfect for travelling, learning, jamming, and recording, offering a full-bodied voice thanks to Taylor’s innovative approach to acoustic guitar construction.

GS Mini Bass

A lightweight and compact acoustic bass that still packs a punch, the GS Mini Bass is a short-scale instrument ideally-suited for those on the move. Offering a clear acoustic voice and premium playability, beginners and professionals alike will appreciate the slim neck, ebony fingerboard, and expressive tone from this bass.


  • What size are the Taylor GS Mini Acoustics?

    3/4 Size or Travel size. Perfect for transporting around.