Baby Series

If you're serious about the acoustic guitar and are seeking a smaller model without compromising on sound then look no further than the Taylor Baby Series. Just because these guitars are smaller, it doesn't mean that they're not still professional level instruments.

Taylor Baby Series is perfect for travel

These smaller guitars can be perfect if you're regularly travelling - in-fact the Taylor Baby Series pretty much helped redefine travel guitars. This is due to their quality construction, tonewoods and depth of sound as well as affordability for what's on offer. So whether you're backpacking, working festivals, camping or just on the road - the portability of the Taylor Baby Series will soon make one of these guitars your new best friend.

Taylor Baby Series - Great Playability and Tone

Constructed from premium tonewoods - you can expect a brilliant range of tones from these instruments. No matter what your playing style is, these versatile acoustics can handle it all. Due to the quality of construction, the Taylor Baby Series is forgiving to new players as well as people who've been playing for years. Ultimately, you can expect excellent sound quality and great range, these guitars are perfect for live performance and even studio work/recording projects.

Taylor Baby Series - Affordable and Portable

We love these trustworthy pro-level guitars not only because of their excellent depth of sound but also because of how budget-friendly and accessible they are. No matter whether you're looking to kickstart your playing life with an affordable acoustic or are a professional - these instruments won't let you down. The smaller size is also very handy for younger players - or simply those who want to get around the fretboard quicker. Affordable and portable - this is a great guitar if you require something easy and flexible without compromising on sound quality.

Taylor Baby Series is ideal for younger players and adults

At three-quarters the size of a full guitar, the Baby Taylor is a brilliant option for younger players picking up lessons for the first time. Don't worry too much about growing out of this either - many professional guitarists actually play on these smaller guitars! Ed Sheeran is one of these and he's doing okay for himself these days, in-fact he has inspired guitarists across the world to follow his lead. Highlights in the range include the Taylor Baby BT2 Acoustic Guitar - Mahogany Top along with the Taylor Baby BT1 Acoustic Guitar.

Shop Taylor Baby Series at PMT

Be ready when inspiration strikes with the Taylor Baby Series. We have a variety of these affordable fun-sized guitars available at PMT. Stop by your nearest PMT store or shop the range in more detail below today.