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The Taylor 700 Series Guitars fill the need of the classic combination of a Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides. Delivering a detailed and premium acoustic guitar, the Taylor 700 series acoustic guitars are an ideal performance instrument.

The Taylor 700 Series offers a classic combination of a Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides. Delivering a detailed and premium acoustic experience, these acoustic guitars are an ideal performance instrument for those who take their tone seriously.


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The Taylor 700 Series comes with a delicate Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides and a Solid Lutz Spruce top. Perfectly matched tonewoods with a classic combination.

The 700 Series offers three alternative body styles which give you a healthy choice on what Taylor acoustic body shape suits your playing style.


Indian Rosewood is one the most popular tonewoods for acoustics and features on a lot of Taylor guitars. Similar to Mahogany with it prominent mid-range, it has a more defined low and high range, giving a more powerful and balanced projection across each of the Taylor 700 Series.

Matching the Indian Rosewood back and sides, the 700 Series features a Solid Lutz Spruce top. Lutz Spruce produces a powerful tonal response, giving the player a higher volume ceiling.

All 700 Series standard acoustics come with the Lutz Spruce and Rosewood matched pair. This is what delivers the Taylor 700 Series acoustic guitars loud voice.

The 700 Series is perfect for any style of an acoustic guitar player, with a balanced and natural sound.


Featured in the Taylor 700 Series are two Nylon string models, the Taylor 714ce-N and the Taylor 712ce-N. Due to the tonewood combination, the 700 Series Nylon guitars work perfectly.

Creating a delicate character, with plenty of clarity, and due to the Rosewood back and sides, a greater volume than standard nylon guitars.


For the musician that likes something a little more country-style, the 700 Series is also available in a smooth honey-brown colour finish, giving an extra option in this Taylor acoustic series. You can see the Western Sunburst finish here in the Taylor 714ce Electro Acoustic.


The new Taylor 700 Series Acoustic guitars feature three main body shape styles - Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert and Grand Pacific.

All three are subtly different, but all are great options for the acoustic player.

Introduced in 1994, the 700 Series Grand Auditorium body shape is one of Taylors most popular. Sitting perfectly between a Dreadnought and Grand Concert size acoustics, delivering a full rounded bass, pure mids and clean highs.

This body style is ideal for the all-round acoustic performer. Here the Taylor 714ce features a Grand Auditorium shaped body.

Arriving in 1984 was the Grand Concert body, now offered in the Taylor 700 series. This body style features a smaller body size and shorter scale than the Grand Auditorium. Perfect for home, stage and studio. The Taylor 712ce 12th-Fret acoustic guitar features the Grand Concert body shape.

The finger-picker will find the Grand Concert perfect due to its slightly smaller size. With a naturally balanced voice, it emphasises more of the mids and highs - clean, refined and distinctive.

The Grand Pacifica body shape delivers a full powerful voice and features on the Builder's Edition of the Taylor 700 Series.


Featuring V-Class bracing which aids volume and sustains throughout each guitar.

For the live player in you, they also feature an Expression System 2 Pickup in the acoustics and an ES-N in the 700 series Nylon guitars, designed specifically for the Taylor Nylon acoustics.

Both these systems deliver the natural character of the guitar without colouring the tone.

All Taylor 700 Series acoustics come with an easily navigatable neck and easy fretting fingerboard.

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