100 Series

Taylor 100 Series

The Taylor 100 Series offers the Taylor experience at an entry-level price-point. Ideal if you’re a semi-professional or professional working musician, expect classic body styles as well as a sublime range of tonewoods for ultimate sound.

Taylor 100 - Affordable Quality Taylor Guitars

While the Taylor 100 range is affordable and achievable for near enough every guitarist - you still get all the quality assurances of the Taylor name. Whether that’s the stylish layered Walnut back and sides and solid Sitka Spruce tops or the styles which span from Grand Auditorium through to the iconic Dreadnought. These guitars are one of the most affordable ways of getting your hands on an iconic Taylor guitar.

Taylor 100 offers ultimate playability and comfort

As well as their distinctive character and depth of sound - the Taylor 100 series is extremely playable, with a film-profile patented Taylor neck - you’ll be able to glide across the fretboard, no matter what your preferred style or genre is. On top of this, a thin matte finish will mean that your guitar will resonate freely and naturally. A winning combination that will sound the part onstage and in the studio.

Highlights in the Taylor 100 range

The Taylor 100 Series is immensely popular among staff and customers here at PMT. The range is packed with highlights to suit a wide variety of players. The Taylor 114e Grand Auditorium Electro-Acoustic (Walnut) frequently receives excellent reviews. This electro-acoustic will get you where you need to be with both live and recording ambitions. This model is a perfect all-rounder which responds brilliantly to a wide range of playing styles. Another standout guitar would be the Taylor 110ce Layered Walnut Body Electro-Acoustic, which will both look and sound the part onstage.

Taylor 100 - Perfect for recording and live

Whether you demand attention to detail on your recordings or want a guitar that looks striking on the busiest of stages - then look no further than this affordable yet professional Taylor model. With years of development and research on their side, you can put your faith in Taylor to deliver. Exquisite tonewoods and construction will capture nuance and character with studio work, yet striking design and the Taylor name will look and sound excellent through any PA. All Taylor 100 models come with a gig bag which is ideal for working artists on the road.

Shop Taylor 100 at PMT

If you purchase your Taylor 100 guitar with PMT then you’ll instantly be covered by our two-year warranty. If you’d like further information on the Taylor 100 range then be sure to visit your nearest PMT store or contact us online. Our guitar experts will be able to help you find your perfect acoustic no-matter what your style or genre might be.


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