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800 Series

The Taylor 800 Series acoustics are the flagship combination of premium grade solid Sitka Spruce tops and the best quality Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Meticulous Detail and Craftsmanship

Offering the ultimate in matched Spruce and Rosewood timbers, engineered by Taylor luthier Andy Powers and the manufacturing proficiency of Bob Taylor.

Each characteristic of the Taylor 800 Series has been meticulously detailed including bracing, wood thicknesses, glues, finish, strings and acoustic electronics.

Each 800 Series instrument is finished with a redesigned aesthetic.

Rosewood Qualities, Spruce Sophistication

All the Taylor 800 Series Acoustics features Indian Rosewood Back and Sides. Selected because of their balanced centre range. Complimented by blooming bass and sizzling highs.

Matched with a Sitka Spruce top, which gives off a gentle broad dynamic score, with crisp articulation.

These two popular tonewoods feature right across the 800 Series and feature in such guitars as the Taylor 814ce Acoustic.

A Plethora of Styles and Sizes

The 800 Series comes in four flavours of body shape. Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert and Grand Orchestra in the standard and deluxe models.

With the Grand Symphony body style featured in the 800 Series Builder's Edition - The pièce de résistance of the Taylor family.

The Grand Concert was born in 1984, being slim and more compact of the series. Ideal for finger and flat-picking offering a more delicate and clear clarity sonic values. You can see the smaller sized body in the Taylor 812ce 12-Fret Acoustic here.

In 1994 Bob Taylor introduced the Grand Auditorium body shape. A truly balanced body that works for all styles of play. From strumming to flat-picking.

The Grand Orchestra is a bolder shape. Rooted with deeper bass and mids. Excellent for heavy strumming and a clear projection.

Deluxe Models for more refinement

The 800 Series offers a range of deluxe models, which have extra detailing and even a bevelled armrest for extra comfort.

You can see this feature in the Taylor 814ce DLX and the Taylor 812ce 12-Fret DLX Acoustic models. These guitars sing with expression and delivery, making them even more desirable in the Taylor 800 range.

Nylon guitar for the inspiring Classical Player

The 800 Series also features a Nylon string guitar, the Taylor 812ce-N. Ideal for the classical player that wants a streamlined, contemporary instrument with a full-bodied sound.

Exquisite Crafting

All the Taylor 800's come with V-Bracing and an Expression 2 Pickup system for performing with.

The Nylon Acoustic features an ES-N Pickup, which has been engineered to capture the essence of the nylon strings without colouring the sound.

Find your perfect Taylor at PMT

The 800 series offers so much choice with a Spruce and Rosewood foundation.

Our staff will happily take you through all your options.

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