Taylor 600 Series

The Taylor 600 Series Acoustics delivers a refined acoustic selection with refined construction, high-grade tonewoods and a pure acoustic voice, the 600 series is perfect for the all-round performer.

The Taylor 600 Series delivers a refined selection of Maple acoustic guitars. Perfect for the all-round performer, these multi-dimensional instruments respond to your playing to offer rich, warm tones and a premium musicality.


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The 600 Series comes in a trio of body styles, offering you a range of choice on your favourite Taylor Acoustic body shapes.

Whatever your style, the Taylor 600 Series will fit you playing personality.


The premium Maple tonewood of the 600 Series delivers a multi-dimensional richness and warmth whilst projecting a low-end bloom with detailed sustain. Using Maple as a back and side is perfect for a guitarist that wants a completely balanced natural sounding instrument, and brings the Taylor 600 Series a distinctive voicing.

With its balanced tonal output, the 600 Series acoustics is perfect for any style of acoustic guitar performance.

The Taylor 600 Series Maple back and sides comes in an ultra-thin gloss finish which is hand-rubbed with a "Brown Sugar" stain which is inspired by 1920s Violin Maple Finish. This beautiful aesthetic gives each and every Taylor 600 Series Acoustic its own distinctive look and character.

The only model in the 600 series that features a natural finish back and sides, rather than a hand-rubbed stain, is the Taylor 618e Acoustic Guitar.

Matching the Maple back and sides on each of the 600 Series is a Solid Sitka Spruce Top. A Solid Spruce top compliments the Maple back and sides by adding a combination of strength and flexibility, delivering a broad tone across its full dynamic range with a crisp and clear voice.


The new Taylor 600 Series Acoustic guitars feature three main body shape styles - Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert and Grand Orchestra.

All three are subtly different, but all are great sizes for the acoustic player.

The 600 Series Grand Auditorium is one of Taylors most popular body styles. Introduced in 1994, it sits perfectly between a Dreadnought and Grand Concert size acoustic. Delivering a full bass, clear mids and clear highs, it's ideal for the all-round acoustic performer. The Taylor 614ce comes with a Grand Auditorium shaped body.

The Taylor 600 series also offers the Grand Concert shaped body, which arrived in 1984. This body style features a more compact size and shorter scale than the Grand Auditorium. Perfect for home, stage and studio. You can see the Grand Concert body shape on this Taylor 612ce 12-Fret acoustic guitar.

The Grand Concert leans more towards the finger picker because of its slightly smaller size. With a naturally balanced voice, it emphasises more of the mids and highs. Pure, delicate and a clear voice.

The Grand Orchestra body shape delivers a full, powerful voice that is extremely responsive no matter if you're a hard player or a soft strummer.


All the new Taylor 600 acoustic guitars come with V-Class bracing, aiding volume and sustain throughout each guitar. For the live player, they also feature an Expression System 2 Pickup.

This system delivers the natural voice of the guitar without colouring the tone.

All Taylor 600 Series guitars come with an easily navigatable neck and easy fretting fingerboard.

This handy guide will give you 10 reasons why a Taylor Acoustic should be your next guitar.


As a key UK-based Taylor dealer, all our staff have extensive knowledge of the Taylor series of instruments. The best way to see which one of the 600 Series is right for you is to sit down and play one in a PMT Store!

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