Squier Classic Vibe

Squire Classic Vibe guitars and basses are some of the most highly regarded instruments made by Fender.

Squier Classic Vibe Guitars take inspiration from some of the most important decades in Fender history and recreate some of the most iconic designs for the modern musician. These guitars and basses allow you to step back in time and enjoy the look, feel and sound of a vintage instrument, without breaking the bank.


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Yes. Squier's Classic Vibe collection contains some of their most highly regarded guitars and basses on offer today at an affordable price. The team at Squier have succeeded in recreating some of the most iconic and vintage guitars of yesteryear, whilst adding in a selection of new models for the modern musician.


Each instrument from the Squier Classic Vibe range is inspired by the most iconic periods in Fender's illustrious history. Whilst producing the classic feel and tone of the sought-after vintage guitars, a selection of improvements for the modern musician have been added such as more comfortable necks, narrow-tall frets and easy playing fingerboards. Always wanted a 70s style Stratocaster with large headstock? Well, know you can get hold of one at a fraction of the cost of a vintage model. Love the 60s style Jazzmaster guitars? Classic Vibe has got you covered.


Each guitar and bass in the Squier Classic Vibe range is loaded with high-quality hardware. The pickups offer incredible tonal options, warmth and clarity not previously seen in the Squier range, firmly placing this offshoot into the pro-leagues without commanding a higher budget. Sturdy, reliable tuners and bridges are nickel-plated and the superb tonewoods are used to deliver the sustain and resonance you need. These are performance level guitars for those on a strict budget.


Yes. The Squier Classic Vibe guitars and basses benefit from a slim “C” shaped neck profile which is particularly comfortable to play making it ideal for first-time players and performing musicians. The addition of easy-playing 9.5”-radius fingerboards also contributes to the positive playing experience which therefore encourages players to return to their guitar time and time again. Again, the budget-friendly price tag makes the Squier Classic Vibe guitars an ideal choice for those who need a 2nd guitar for touring purposes or recording.


The Classic Vibe neck design is also ideal for performing musicians as it reduces the chance of hand cramps and playing fatigue, so you’re free to jam away, record or perform those long, three-hour sets. In addition, those vintage-style guitar fans out there who don’t want to stretch the budget to the likes of the American made options will also enjoy this series as they offer incredible playability and sound to rival their aspirational counterparts. This is your chance to get hold of that vintage guitar you’ve always wanted at a budget-friendly price tag.


  • Are the new 2019 Squier Classic Vibe made in china?

    2019 Squier Classic Vibe models are made in China and Indonesia.
  • How to identify a Classic Vibe Squier guitar?

    Classic Vibe guitars usually have a glossy neck and gold logos, as well as Alnico pickups. This is not the case on all models though, so it's best to check the Fender and Squier Catalogs if you're unsure.
  • What pickups does a Squier classic vibe have?

    Squier Classic Vibe pickups will differ by model, however they are usually a type of Tonerider Alnico-magnet pickup.
  • What is the best Squier classic vibe?

    Some of the most popular Squier Classic Vibe models include the 70s Stratocaster and the Thinline Telecaster models. The Jazzmaster models are also highly-sought after guitars.
  • Who plays Squier classic vibe guitars?

    Squier Classic Vibe guitars are used by professionals and beginners alike. Some noteworthy users include Guided By Voices guitarist Tobin Sprout and Troy Van Leeuwen of QOTSA.