Squier Jazzmaster

The Squier Jazzmaster offers players an affordable offset guitar experience. Featuring the same iconic design, craftsmanship and attention to detail, a Squier Jazzmaster is a viable entry-level guitar for rebellious rock gods in the making.


The iconic Jazzmaster guitar has been championed by players across a wide variety of genres. This is largely down to its thick sound and its sleek elegant style. The Squier Jazzmaster will give you all of these quality assets at a fraction of the Fender price tag. Despite the Squier Jazzmaster options being much more budget-friendly and affordable, you’ll still get the unmistakable tone of a Jazzmaster which is favoured by prolific musicians across the planet.


While the Jazzmaster is an incredibly popular guitar today – it didn’t quite go as planned for the company. The guitar was originally designed with jazz musicians in mind (hence the name), although the Jazzmaster was largely overlooked by that particular community and adopted by the wave of surf musicians in the 60’s. It’s since come to become associated with a variety of artists, whether that’s the unmistakable jangle of Johnny Marr, the sharp new wave sounds of Elvis Costello, or the calculated but raucous grunge of Thurston Moore.


The Jazzmaster has long been favoured amongst the grunge and noise community. Legendary artists such as J. Mascis, Thurston Moore and even Kurt Cobain have played a Jazzmaster. When combined with the right pedals, it’s capable of making quite the monstrous sound. You can read more about that in our Essential Grunge Guitar Gear Guide.


You can visit your nearest PMT store and speak to our friendly experts to see which Squier Jazzmaster might be best suited to you. Alternatively, you can explore more Squier products at PMT Online where more information is available.


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Squier Jazzmaster FAQs

  • How to string a Squier Jazzmaster?

    Stringing a Squier Jazzmaster is the same as any other guitar - just check if the Tuning Heads are vintage-styled before you start, and remember to cut them to size. If you need help restringing your instrument, bring it into your local PMT store.
  • What are the differences between a Squier and Fender Jazzmaster?

    Squier Jazzmaster guitars are built with more affordable components than their Fender counterparts. They are usually produced in different parts of the world, too.
  • What strings to use for a squire jazzmaster?

    Set up your Squier Jazzmaster with whatever strings feel comfortable for you. A good place to start is with .010 gauge strings.
  • Who has used an skb case for squire jazzmaster?

    SKB Jazzmaster cases are popular around the world for transporting guitars between gigs, rehearsals, and lessons.
  • Where are squire jazzmasters made?

    Squier guitars have been manufactured in China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, India, Japan, and the United States.