We show you 6 reasons why you really need to try out the range of Faith Acoustic Guitars

reasons to play a faith guitar So, you’re on the hunt for a new acoustic guitar and you're yet to try out the range of Faith Guitars? Read on to find out why we think these incredible guitars should be next on your list. Let’s be honest, when you're shopping for your next acoustic guitar there is a huge choice out there and it can often be overwhelming and a struggle to know where to start. Here at PMT, we’ve been long-standing advocates of Faith Guitars and we stock a huge range of Faith models in every store. Why? Quite simply, because they’re awesome! Here are 6 reasons why we think you should be playing a Faith Guitar - thanks to Rob Bennett for helping us out with the content!

1. Faith Guitars have Won Multiple Awards

[caption id="attachment_48417" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Faith FVBMB Blood Moon Venus Acoustic Guitar The Faith FVBMB Blood Moon Venus Acoustic Guitar was Voted ‘The UK’s Best Acoustic Guitar 2016’[/caption] Founded in 2002, Faith is a British acoustic brand with world-renowned British luthier Patrick James Eggle at the design helm. For anyone not familiar with Patrick, he takes an almost obsessive approach to guitar building, which is evident throughout his range of beautifully crafted PJE custom guitars. You can expect the same approach and an incredibly high level of detail and specification when it comes to his Faith designs. They are great looking and seriously high-quality instruments. Don’t just take our word for it though. Faith Guitars have been awarded ‘The UK’s Best Acoustic Guitar’ for 5 consecutive years by the Music Industries Association and other musical instrument bodies including NAMM and Musikmesse. This type of recognition isn’t to be taken lightly… it’s a mark of the genuine quality and design on show throughout Faith’s acoustic guitar range. You can view all of their award-winning models HERE. Or simply call into your nearest PMT store to experience any of these award-winning guitars for yourself.

2. Distinctive, Unique Tonewoods

Faith Neptune Cutaway, Blue Moon Burst The team at Faith Guitars like to keep things interesting and are fans of using alternative and unusual tonewoods. Yes, they have an excellent range of guitars constructed from the more conventional tonewood combinations like Spruce and Mahogany (HiGloss & Naked series), but there is also a wealth of other options ready for you to discover that will open up new possibilities and can potentially unlock a whole new way of playing. Want a guitar that is jaw-droppingly beautiful and constructed from a tonewood you’ve more-than-likely never encountered before? Faith Guitars have you covered with their stunning Blood Moon series, which uses Javanese Trembesi for the top, back and sides. How about something with a truly distinctive voice and a wonderfully varied grain? The Solid Mango Blue Moon series is something you should be playing in that case.

3. Something For Everyone

[caption id="attachment_48420" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Faith Mars FRSBG Acoustic Guitar Classic Burst The Faith Mars FRSBG Acoustic Guitar Classic Burst[/caption] With a huge range of guitars spanning more than ten unique series, you’re sure to find a Faith(ful) companion that you’ll love playing for many years. If you’re a guitarist who prefers hard strumming styles, you are missing out by not trying a Faith Mahogany and Nexus series guitar. Is fingerstyle and solo playing your thing? Faith has you covered with their Classic Burst, HiGloss and Naked series guitars. You can read our in-depth comparison of all Faith series here. (LINK). And remember, those 5 consecutive ‘UK’s Best Acoustic Guitar’ awards we mentioned – every winning model was from a different series. How’s that for strength in depth?

4. What about guitar shape options?

[caption id="attachment_48436" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Faith FKS Naked Saturn Square Shouldered Dreadnought Acoustic The Faith FKS Naked Saturn Square Shouldered Dreadnought Acoustic[/caption] Faith has a vast array of acoustic body shapes to suit all types of players. If you’re smaller framed physically, Faith Mercury (Parlour) and Earth (OM Cutaway) are great options. For those who prefer the natural resonance of a larger-bodied acoustic - make sure to play some Saturn (Dreadnought)  and Neptune (Baby-Jumbo) models. Always consider that playing guitar is very subjective, and it’s important to try before you buy. Make sure to pay your local PMT store a visit where our expert acoustic department staff are on hand to help you find your perfect Faith guitar.

5. Strict Quality Control, pro-level hardware

[caption id="attachment_48425" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Faith Naked Venus Cutaway Black Stain Finish The Faith Naked Venus Cutaway Black Stain Finish[/caption] After arriving from Faith’s Indonesian workshops, every guitar is inspected and set up in the Shropshire, UK workshops of designer Patrick James Eggle - so you can rest assured that it’ll feel and sound amazing straight out of the box. Having Patrick and his team run their expert eyes over every guitar at Faith HQ here in the UK means you can rest assured that the only reason it’s hanging in one of our stores is because the Faith team have quality checked it and deemed it to be in its optimum condition. After all, there’s nothing worse than battling with a poorly set up instrument.

6. Pro-level hardware, electronics and subtle yet important extras

[caption id="attachment_48426" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Faith FDNMG Nomad Mini Neptune Electro Acoustic Guitar The Faith FDNMG Nomad Mini Neptune Electro Acoustic Guitar[/caption] All-solid tonewood construction… Macassan figured Ebony… Fishman electronics… Abalone rosettes… Kiln-aged Canadian Sitka Spruce… Flamed Maple bindings… natural bone bridge pins – just a handful of some of the ridiculously high specification on show throughout Faith’s acoustic guitar range. Often, you can expect to part with large sums of cash for an acoustic guitar with such high-end appointments and features. With Faith Guitars though, you get all of this for incredibly reasonable prices. With their range starting from around the £450 (MSRP) mark and capping at around £1300 (MSRP), you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better range of acoustic guitars that offer the value for money that Faith does. Also, taking into account that they have been designed by one of the world’s leading guitar designers, you’ll be sorely missing out if you don’t pick up a Faith next time you’re in-store shopping for your new acoustic guitar. You can play Faith Guitars in every PMT store today, so call in and try one out for yourself! shop faith guitars Further reading: Check out our Faith Guitars Comparison Guide faith guitars comparison