9 Best Outdoor PA Speakers & Outdoor PA System Options


Here's the best outdoor PA systems & outdoor PA speakers for when you need a big sound in the great outdoors.

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Whether you need a portable PA system for outdoor events, or you need the best outdoor PA system for gigs, worship celebrations or schools and education that’ll provide a big sound – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up a selection of our best outdoor PA speakers and complete outdoor PA systems that’ll make sure your music, spoken word announcements or you shouting at your students to line up for long jump will be heard across the field. Best of all, they’re easy to set up and even easier to hook up a range of different connections.

We’ve put together complete PA systems as well as speakers that have internal mixers so you’re covered for a wide array of uses.

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1. RCF EVOX JMIX8 Column PA System with Digital Mixer

RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System

First up we have the RCF EVOX JMIX8 Column PA System with Digital Mixer which we think is a perfect portable PA system for outdoor events as it’s an all-in-one option and only weighs 24.4kg. Aside from the lightweight, all-in-one construction, the major reason we think this qualifies as one of the best outdoor PA systems is the fact you have a max 128dB SPL and 1400-watt 2-way peak power – which is loud enough for small festivals!

The sturdy cabinet on the RCF EVOX JMIX8 Column PA System house the whole package including steel pole that mounts the array speaker and the subwoofer acts as the base, keeping everything in one place for you!

We love it as it has 8 connections for you to utilise, whether they be line level instruments, microphones or external sound sources like Bluetooth enabled devices and stereo systems.

If you’re organising a wedding outdoors and you need a set of PA speakers for the couple’s first dance or you need to announce the results of the 100-meter sprint at your school sports day, this will handle it all.

If you want a stereo sound, we recommend adding the RCF Evox J8 Black Portable Array PA System but you'd be fine with just the JMIX8 on its own.

2. JBL EON One Portable PA System

JBL EON ONE Pro All-In-One Portable PA System

If you need a very budget friendly outdoor PA system then the JBL EON One Portable PA System is a perfect choice. At under £700 it won’t break the bank and the fact it’s got everything you need in one easy to use system makes it ideal for those who need to set up quickly.

It’s a 6-channel mixer which includes a Bluetooth connection, so you can hook up a wide variety of sound sources and even change songs and change parameters from your smartphone or tablet from a distance.

This makes our best outdoor PA system list with ease as it provides a massive 118dB of power and features an extra wide sound coverage, so everyone within the wide listening area hears a consistent sound.

As it’s a line array PA system, and only weighs 18.5kg you have everything you need wrapped up in one convenient box. Simply slide out the line array support and place the speaker on the top whilst the 10” sub holds everything in place and you're good to go.

3. Bose L1 Compact Active PA System

Bose L1 Compact Active PA System

The final line array option we have in this blog comes in the form of the Bose L1 Compact Active PA System. This is actually the most portable PA suitable for outdoor events that Bose produce and is perfect for smaller gatherings like outdoor acoustic sessions, wedding bands and public speaking events.

As it weighs in at just 13.15 kg, it won’t break your back when you’re taking it to venues, so it’s ideal for travelling artists and public speakers. The integrated mixer means you don’t need an external unit as you can change all parameters directly on the L1 power stand.

We think it’s one of the best outdoor PA systems as it offers nearly 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage which means the audience gets a consistent sound even at extreme sides of the system. It’s also ready to handle a variety of different environments thanks to the two unique setup positions – extended and collapsed so you can tailor the sound coverage depending on event.

One thing to keep in mind is that it only has 2 channels, so it's better suited to solo artists and DJ’s. However, channel 1 provides 1 XLR input, whereas channel 2 has one instrument input, one RCA stereo input and one 0.31 cm stereo input so it's more than enough for single speakers/musicians.

3. Wharfedale Titan 12D Active PA Speakers, Pair

Wharfedale Titan 12D Active PA Speakers, Pair

The Wharfedale Titan 12D Active PA Speakers are some of the best portable PA speakers for outdoor events as they’re so lightweight and are designed for outdoor use thanks to the rugged protective grille and top stacking receptacles.

At just 12.4kg per speaker, they’re super easy to carry around so you can add them to your setup with minimal fuss. They make a great option for performing musicians as they also work their side as a floor monitor so you can use them on stage or for solo performances. However, the 250W / 500W peak power with 127dB Max SPL ensures you can hear them loud and clear whether you’re playing music or speaking to a larger crowd outdoors.

If you need a set of speakers for an outdoor PA system, then these are perfect as they also feature a custom heavy duty moisture-proof 12" LF driver so, although they’re no means waterproof, they’re protected from moisture in the air – especially useful if it’s a bit damp outside.

4. Alto Transport 12 Battery Powered Portable PA System with Wireless Microphone

Alto Transport 12 Portable PA System with Wireless Mic & USB

Time and time again the Alto Transport 12 Battery Powered Portable PA System is relied upon by those need an ultra-portable speaker for outdoor events. We love it because you have a 12” woofer busting out 400 watts of peak power as well as a 1” HF compression driver to capture all the details.

This is ideal for outdoor applications, especially where public speaking is needed as you get a wireless microphone included. This is also coupled with a Voice Priority function which automatically lowers the volume of any music you’re playing via the USB connection and allows the vocals to be heard clearly – especially useful when announcing at weddings or during presentations.

The clue is in the name of the Alto Transport 12 Battery Powered PA, as you guessed it, it’s battery powered! The rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 8 hours of continuous use so you’re covered for longer days or nights of use and the fact it’s got a set of wheels and retractable handle means you can move it around easily. One of the best outdoor PA systems you can get hold of.


5. Roland BA330 Portable Active PA System

roland ba-330

The Roland BA330 is one of the best outdoor PA systems for smaller events as it contains everything you need to provide great sound quickly and easily.

This weighs a mere 13.8 kg, so dragging it around isn’t going to be difficult and set up is a breeze – just turn on and plug in! This is better equipped for around 80 people so it’s ideal for smaller gatherings, cafes with outdoor settings and public speaking events. In addition, the Anti-Feedback function ensures there’s no horrible squeals when you decide to start speaking through the PA.

We think it’s ideal for outdoor applications as it utilises four custom-designed 6.5" speakers and two tweeters for wide stereo projection – so everyone hears what they need to hear. You can power it via AC or 8 x AA batteries, so it’s very versatile and the 6 channels offer a world of connectivity options.


6. Yamaha Stagepas 600BT Bluetooth Portable PA System

Yamaha Stagepas 600BT Bluetooth Portable PA System

When you need a stereo PA system for outdoor events and you don’t have a great deal of experience dealing with sound, the Yamaha Stagepas 600BT Bluetooth Portable PA System is ideal. This is a self-contained PA system perfect for singer-songwriters, small bands, and public speakers packed with 680 watts of pure power.

We think its perfect for outdoor events as you can not only use the integrated 10 channel powered mixer to change songs on the fly, but also utilise the Bluetooth connectivity to stream music and make changes from a distance.

There’s an onboard feedback suppression feature, so whether you’re playing music or speaking you’re protected from any nasty sounds creeping in, whilst the onboard effects and phantom power for microphones make them particularly useful for performing musicians.

Easily mounted to speaker poles, built in mixer and loads of connectivity options – what’s not to love?

Also available:

7. Alto Truesonic TS315 Active PA Speakers, Pair

Alto Truesonic TS315 Active PA Speakers, Pair

We’re now in the realms of true professional sound with the Alto Truesonic TS315 Active PA Speakers. This pair of speakers is priced at way under £600, so they're still very affordable for schools, houses of worship and small venue owners. They also provide a massive 2000 watts of power (1000 W continuous RMS) – that’s enough for a small festival!

These speakers have a number of uses as they can be pole-mounted, used as wedge monitors or even installed via brackets depending on what you need them for. Again, you have an integrated 2-channel mixer on with dual XLR/1/4” combo mic/line inputs and independent level controls, so you can set your sound very quickly.

At 18.8 kg per speaker, they won’t be too difficult to install and carry around and the sturdy chassis with perforated steel grille keeps everything safe.

8. QSC K10.2 Active PA Loudspeaker with Free Tote Bag

QSC K10.2 Active PA Loudspeaker

Well, we can’t have the best outdoor PA systems without including the industry standards, can we? The QSC K10.2 Active PA Loudspeaker (now with free tote bag) is widely used by professionals, events and venue owners thanks to the fact you get 2000 watts per speaker – that’s a MASSIVE sound out of one speaker!

However, the DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) design sets these apart from regular PA speakers as it provides a consistent performance across the listening area, so everyone hears what they’re supposed to.

You can adjust all parameters directly on the speaker and enjoy a wide range of smart presets and EQ contours depending on your environment via the digital display. Two combi XLR/jack inputs as well as a line-level output provide enough connectivity and you can daisy chain extra speakers easily.

Finally, they can easily be truss-mounted, or placed on a speaker pole, either straight-firing or with 7.5-degree down-tilt. Perfect for static and portable outdoor applications.

Perfectly matched with the QSC TouchMix 8 Digital Mixer.

9. TOURTECH PSM5 Powered Monitor Speaker

tourtech tt-psm5 portable pa speaker

Last but by no means least we have the TOURTECH PSM5 Powered Monitor Speaker. This is perfect for smaller outdoor setups, say café’s who need to play music, dog shows, equestrian PA systems, fairgrounds, street performance artists and more.

Although it’s not battery powered, it’s still extremely portable and no bigger than a small messenger bag able to be positioned in multiple setups. This PA speaker is extremely easy to use and provides a massive 114 dB SPL, so it’s loud enough for an outdoor PA system.

The 2 x Combi Mic inputs and 2 x Aux inputs as well as front facing control panel allows you to make changes quickly and easily and ensures there’s plenty of options for musicians/public speakers.

At just over £100 they’re also very budget friendly and one of the smallest outdoor PA systems that requires minimal fuss and even less experience to use.

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Speak to our PA experts about your bespoke outdoor PA system needs as we can help you create your prefect setup. We can handle all aspects of your PA system, from initial no obligation advice, to complete fitting, setup and after care.

Whether you have a small venue in need of an outdoor speaker system or you want to start your own festival - we can handle it all.

So, call our team on 0151 448 2089 and speak to our experts about your needs – we’re happy to help!

QSC TouchMix 8 Digital Mixer

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TOURTECH 35mm PA Speaker Extension Pole

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TOURTECH PA Speaker Stands with Carry Bag

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TOURTECH Jack to Jack 2.5mm Speaker Cable, 1.5m

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TOURTECH Jack to Jack 1.5mm Speaker Cable, 1.5m

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  • Martin Wedge

    Can you recommend a water resistant set up for DJ'ing at pool parties etc?


    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Martin, we don't have any water proof speakers, but the Wharfedale Titan 12D Active PA Speakers are water resistant, so they can handle moisture in the air. perhaps these would be a good fit. however we always say to exercise extreme caution with speakers around water. Water and electricity don't mix! -Lee


    Good morning. I wonder if you could help.im having an outdoor concert for roughly 600 people. The bands are bringing all there stuff, but I need a pa system for them. What would I need to buy?

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Karl, I would definitely recommend the likes of the QSC K Series speakers and Touchmix Mixers, or alternatively the RCF range of speakers and mixers. You'll probably need monitor speakers for the band as well as a PA system and mixing desk for the sound engineer. I would suggest calling our PA experts on 0151 448 2089 as they will be able to talk you through each step and tailor something to your budget.

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