Church sound systems need to be able to perform at high levels at all times and provide a consistently high-performance sound whether its spoken word, a choir or a full band including guitars, keyboards and drums.

Whether it’s a complete audio solution for large churches or smaller church sound system you need, choosing the right combination of mixer, speakers and microphones can sometimes be a little daunting.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of products we think will help you create the best church PA systems so you can make the right choice when it comes to choosing your church sound system.


When you’re creating your perfect church sound system, you’ll undoubtedly need to think about how many channels you need to be able to run through your PA system.

No doubt, you'll need to mic up full drum kits, amplifiers, and singers.

So, we’ll focus on mixers with 16 channels and more, which will give you the best bang for your buck. These mixers will allow you to run multiple vocals and instruments at the same time, providing you with a great deal of control over your sound.

Finding the best sound mixer for church use doesn't have to be a chore and these make mixing sound so much easier.


The QSC TouchMix-30 Pro 32-Channel Digital Mixer is an ideal mixing solution for churches and houses of worship, combining a multi-track recorder and DAW interface into an intuitive and easy to use live mixer.

The key benefit with this 32 channel mixer is how easy it is to use and how quickly everyone from beginners to professionals can get to grips with the unit.

The large (10-inch) multi-touch touchscreen provides all the information you need about each channel you’re using whilst the Anti-Feedback and intuitive Room Tuning Wizards make equalization tasks a breeze.

With 32 mixing channels (24 Mic/Line, 6 Line, Stereo USB) and 16 outputs as well as over 120 live instrument and microphone presets offering mix-ready channel settings, it’s simply a case of plug-in and play!

The QSC TouchMix-30 Pro 32-Channel Digital Mixer is also a multitrack recorder, capable of recording 32 tracks directly to an external hard drive, meaning you can capture performances, mix and bounce them down via the integrated DAW.

The QSC TouchMix-30 Pro 32-Channel Digital Mixer also provides fully wireless remote mixing control thanks to the TouchMix-30 Pro Control App for iOS and Android meaning you can walk around the room and mix your sound on the fly.

A great option for church sound systems.

QSC Touchmix 30 Pro, 32-Channel digital mixing desk


When it comes to creating a professional church PA system, bigger is always going to be better!

The Yamaha MGP32X 32 Channel Mixing Console is one of the best in the business, providing professional sound engineers and larger setups with the perfect control over their sound system.

This analog mixing console features two Hybrid Stereo channels to provide you with an array of powerful effects including the extremely useful priority ducker, leveler and stereo imager functions which can even be controlled via the unique iOS compatibility anywhere in the room - a great quality you should consider when searching for a sound mixer for church use.

The MGP32X also brings out the best in your mix thanks to the inclusion of the newly refined D-PRE mic preamps found in the Yamaha ultra-high-end recording gear.

These class A mic preamps provide your sound with all the character needed to bring out the best in your performance. As each channel has 48V phantom power, you’re always good to go with any mic you may have.

Rugged, powerful, and world-class – by far one of the best mixers for your church sound system.

Yamaha MGP32X 32 Channel Mixing Console


The RCF M18 Digital Mixer is perfect for church house bands that need to be able to make changes to the mix themselves.

In addition, they are perfect for sound engineers who want the freedom to move around and mix based on the contours of a room and portable congregation setups too.

The reason; all aspects of your mix are controlled in real-time via your iOS device! You have 8 Mic Preamp Inputs,1 0 Line inputs, 1 Stereo Main Outs, and 6 balanced Aux outputs which is more than enough for larger-scale church PA sound systems.

This means you can hook up 18 channels to your PA system and control everything via your iPad, name, and save your settings and enjoy instant recall of all your sounds for each performance.

This is a perfect option if you don’t have a sound engineer and want to be able to control everything yourself.

If you’re a house band you’ll enjoy the range of studio-grade effects and plug-ins at your disposal as well as a range of amp modeling sounds so you can plug straight in rather than dragging an amp around!

An ideal option for those church house bands, choirs, vocalists, and church sound engineers who need to be able to take full control over their sound and mix on the fly.

RCF M18 Digital Mixer


As we said before, when it comes to crafting the best church sound system, bigger is better when it comes to PA speakers and PA systems. When you need pure power, great dynamics, and ultra-reliability, QSC should always be on your must-try list.

First of all, their PA speakers have a 3-year warranty that can be extended to 6 years on registration of their products, so you’re in safe hands. They’re also easy to use and you have 1000 watts of power to play with with the K series of PA speakers!

What’s not to love? These are the 5 best speakers for church auditoriums and church sound systems:

1. Wharfedale Pro PSX115 Active Loudspeaker

The Wharfedale Pro PSX115 Active Loudspeaker is a perfect, budget friendly option for churches who want to go portable or smaller, mid-sized venues in need of superb live sound.

These powerful Class D amplified active PA speakers are capable of a 130db output from the 15" speakers, which is more than enough for a front of house use, solo performances, public speaking and stage monitoring.

The tough, lightweight construction makes them easy to move around and the 2-band EQ control on the rear panel is perfect for controlling your sound without a mixer.

To ensure plenty of connectivity options the Wharfedale Pro PSX115 Active Loudspeaker also features two inputs - capable of XLR and 1/4" Jack connectivity so you’re all set for guitars, line level instruments and microphones.  

Too loud? Try the smaller Wharfedale Pro PSX112 Active Loudspeaker which features a 12" loudspeaker.

Wharfedale Pro PSX115 Active Loudspeaker
Wharfedale Pro PSX115 Active Loudspeaker


When you need a lightweight, easy to install and powerful PA speaker system, the QSC K10.2 Active PA Loudspeaker is a perfect choice.

You have a 10” woofer with 1.4” titanium compression driver as well as a 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module to play with.

The DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) coverage means that everyone in the room will hear what’s going on and the lightweight design means it’s easy to carry around and install wherever you like - whether you want them on PA speaker stands via the pole sockets or hanging them via M10 fittings for flown applications.

Intuitive Tilt-Direct pole cup mounting also keeps the acoustic energy on the audience, which is especially useful where large coverage is needed.

Able to provide houses of worship with great clarity, whether you’re mic’ing up a full band, playing music, or using it for spoken word, the QSC K10.2 Active PA Loudspeaker also features Directivity Matched Transition, or DMT for short, technology.

This ensures LF and HF coverage and removes any of the unnatural dead and hot frequencies that can cause problems in a live situation.

If you want to be able to set up your church sound system and be able to rely on it, the integrated mixer is a dream come true. This easy to use mixer features a wide range of connectivity options including XLR and ¼” TRS inputs for mic and line-level instruments as well as RCA phono inputs for MP3 players and line-level mixers.

You can mix 3 audio sources internally, EQ your audio sources and feel comfortable that the PA speakers will just do their thing!

If you need to mix on the fly, the QSC TouchMix-30 Pro 32-Channel Digital Mixer is the ideal partner and a contender for Best PA System For Church Use.

When you need to reinforce the low-frequency response of your church PA system, the QSC KS212C Cardioid Active PA Subwoofer is the perfect pairing with the K.2 active speakers.

There’s a 3600 Watt Class-D amplifier module at your disposal here, so plenty of power.

Again, you have Directivity Matched Transition technology which provides matched LF and HF coverage across the entire listening area, meaning your audience can hear everything that’s happening and enjoy what’s being said or played.

QSC K10.2 Active PA Loudspeaker
QSC KS212C Cardioid Active PA Subwoofer


The RCF ART 715-A Mk4 Digital Active Loudspeaker is a great solution for mid to large sized houses of worship, providing a great deal of control and professional level sounds at all volumes.

This lightweight active PA speaker system features a 15” neodymium woofer, a 1" Compression Driver as well as 1400 watts of 2-way peak power to ensure your audience enjoy every nuance of your performance and hear every spoken word clearly.

A wide frequency range means that your RCF ART 715-A Mk4 Digital Active Loudspeaker speakers will fill any room with crystal clear audio, whether they’re angled horizontally or vertical.

The rear control panel features a balanced XLR input, and XLR link output as well as 3 LED so you can connect multiple speakers quickly.

However, it’s the built-in limiter and ‘flat’ or ‘boost’ selector that makes this unit so easy to use and a great church PA system. Simply select whether you want a flat or boosted response and you’re good to go, safe in the knowledge that your PA system is happy to look after your sound for you.

DSP procession, 90 x 60 wide dispersion constant directivity horn and 130 dB max spl provide you with professional level sound at a budget friendly price point.

We recommend the RCF SUB 705-AS II as the perfect partner as you have a 15” high power woofer with 3” voice coil, powered by a 1400 Watt digital amplifier to take care of all the lower frequencies.

It integrates seamlessly into the RCF ART range of PA speakers, making the sound engineer’s life a whole lot easier and ensures that the entire room is filled with your choice of sound.

The Superior SPL levels can even handle long distance and open air performances with ease, making them a great portable option, especially for festivals!

RCF ART 715-A Mk4 Digital Active Loudspeaker
RCF SUB 705-AS II Active PA Subwoofer


The Yamaha DXR15 Active PA Speaker has been designed with touring grade technology from Live Sound industry experts Nexo to provide professional-level sound, especially for live bands.

Through detailed analysis of transducers, the enclosures’ acoustic properties, and various other aspects, the result is a higher SPL to deliver houses of worship with unsurpassed clarity and reliability.

If you’re mixing a live band, the Class -D power amplifiers and 1100 watts of power with SPL of 133dB will surely be a welcome addition to your set up.

Extremely high output with low distortion, ultra-reliable and easy to use with an intelligent onboard 3-channel mixer with mic/line input makes the Yamaha DXR15 Active PA Speaker a favorite of ours and one of the best PA systems and church sound systems available today – and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what it can do!

A 7-year warranty is also a great addition

The Yamaha DXS18 Active Subwoofer is the perfect partner to handle all those lush low-end frequencies.

This sub is capable of providing a low-end extension down to 32Hz via the high grade 18” woofer.

An intuitive cardioid mode setting provides you with the control over the low frequencies and can reduce the SPL of bass towards the stage and band, meaning your audience gets all that low-end dynamic without disrupting the performers on stage.

When you need your audience to feel every nuance of your performance, this is a great option that will never become overbearing.

The fact it’s built like a tank and comes with a 7-year warranty will also appeal to those who need to transport it or use it frequently.

Yamaha DXR15 Active PA Speaker
Yamaha DXS18 Active Subwoofer


With high-performance PA speakers, you need immense clarity.

Fortunately, the Alto Truesonic TS315 Powered Loudspeaker delivers immense sonic prowess AND clarity at all times via 2000 watts with a solid 1000 watts continuous RMS.

The integrated two-channel mixer with dual XLR ¼” combo jack allows you to connect an array of different sound sources and the independent level controls give you the control over each aspect of your sound should you wish to mix from the speakers.

The 15-Inch LF Driver, 3” High-Temperature Voice Coil, and 1.4” Neodymium Magnet HF Driver with Precision Wave Guide ensures you have a clear, concise, and wide frequency sound at all times.

A Bi-Amplified design with EQ controls makes the Alto Truesonic TS315 Powered Loudspeaker a dream come true for sound engineers and the integrated mixer allows beginners to get the sound they need, quickly and easily.

The team at Alto has ensured that their speakers are ultra-efficient, running at a lower temperature than most active speakers, even at high volumes over extended periods of time.

You can position them via a pole or the M10 rigging points and the durable, ergonomic cabinet makes them easy to carry!

If you need that extra bass push, the Alto TrueSonic 3 TS315S Powered Subwoofer is the answer you’re looking for.

Easily paired with the TS215 speakers, even easier to control and packed with 2 x XLR/1/4" Combi Jack Inputs with 2 x balanced XLR Line outputs, it’s simply a matter of plug and plays with this 2000 watt (1000 w continuous) sub.

The 15” long-excursion woofer provides a maximum SPL of 131 dB and the built-in electronic protections such as electronic clip as well as thermal and transducer overdrive protection ensure your sub is running smoothly at all times, even at high volumes over extended periods of time.

Alto Truesonic TS315 Powered Loudspeaker
Alto TrueSonic 3 TS315S Powered Subwoofer


When choosing the best microphones and wireless microphones for church sound systems, you need to think about what you’re going to be using them for.

Obviously you need to be able to move around freely, but if you’re one of the lucky, talented people who can sing, you’ll want a microphone that can handle spoken word as well as your vocals whilst your band backs you up.

There’s a few little aspects you need to keep in mind: will you be singing AND talking? Will you be just talking? Is there a band or are you just using a PA system with a backing track?

So, we’ll discuss the best options for each aspect, allowing you to be able to make the right choice.

Option 1: No Backing Band – Just Speaking

If you’ll only need a microphone for spoken word, and there’s no backing band, you have a few options for this setup, the best microphones for church systems without a live band are the lavalier/lapel mics or a headset microphone.

Both of these options keep your hands free at all times and can be controlled via the mixer as well as your bodypack.

You won’t need to worry about feedback too much as the PA system will be able to handle the pre-recorded music being played through the PA (usually from an iPod or stereo) if you like the idea of being able to speak and be heard clearly without holding on to a microphone, a good lavalier microphone will work well if you don’t like the idea of having something strapped to your head or over your ear.



The Shure BLX14UK CVL Wireless System with CVL Lavalier Mic is an affordable, high-performance professional wireless system that comes complete with everything you need to plug in and be heard across the room.

You can have up to 12 systems operating simultaneously (region dependent) making it a great option if you have multiple speakers.

This is ideal for a wide range of applications as the included windscreen reduces plosives, wind, and breath sounds - perfect for outdoor use too!

We love it as the unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise for improved sound quality which means your listeners will hear you loud and clear when you're speaking.

Shure BLX14UK CVL Wireless System with CVL Lavalier Mic


The AKG Perception Presenter SET (band D) is ideal for professional set ups that need reliability at all times.

This is a complete multi-channel wireless lavalier system that allows you to go mobile with ease.

It also operates on the licence free channel, so there’s no need for extra cost. However, if you would like the regulated Channel 38 frequencies, we can organise an alternative version for you.

A single AA battery provides up to 8 hours of operation and you have complete control over Gain and Squelch controls.

The SR 45 receiver has XLR and TRS outputs so you have plenty of options too!

AKG Perception Presenter SET (band D)


The Sennheiser XSW 1-ME2-GB Lavalier mic set inc. ME2 is an extremely easy to use lavalier mic and one of the best options for churches and houses of worship thanks to its antenna switching reception, automatic frequency management, and large bandwidth selectable UHF frequencies.

In the box, you get an EM-XSW1 Wireless Receiver, ME 2-2 Lavalier Microphone, and lightweight SK-XSW Bodypack Transmitter to provide you with superb clarity, reliability and the freedom to roam around the stage or throughout the venue.

An ideal option for spoken word thanks to crystal clear transmission, lightweight construction, and reliable frequency management.

Sennheiser XSW 1-ME2-GB Lavalier mic set inc. ME2

Option 2: Backing Band – You Will NOT Be Singing

If your church or house of worship does have a backing band, you’ll need to ensure you can be heard whilst they are playing or laying down some supportive music whilst you speak. Unfortunately, lavalier mics are likely to suffer from feedback as they have to work harder to amplify your voice when they’re competing with a backing band.

They’re also further away from your mouth so the sound engineer will have to turn them up to feedback-worthy levels to bring your voice it in the mix. Headset microphones are the best option here as they’re closer to the source of sound (your mouth) and they’re able to convey your voice a lot easier as they don’t pick up as much noise around them. Headset microphones will of course handle singing vocals, but if you don’t fancy holding on to a microphone, these are your best options.



The Shure GLXD14/SM35 Wireless Headset Mic has been designed for active use, so feel free to celebrate as much as you want as the SM35 headset microphone sits comfortably on your head and over your ear providing you with clear, precise sound.

The LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management technology ensures your signal is strong at all times, scanning and using the clearest line possible to prohibit signal dropouts and interference.

The intelligent, rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides you with enough power for hours of speech too! The unit operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, so there’s no license required either.

Shure GLXD14/SM35 Wireless Headset Mic


If you need hands free operation, freedom to move and enough power to be able to convey your signing voice, the Line 6 XD-V55HS Digital Wireless Headset System is a great option and one of the best headset microphones for church sound systems.

The Line 6 exclusive Digital Channel Lock (DCL) technology phases out unwanted interference providing vocalists with crystal clear operation at all times, whilst singers will appreciate the EQ Filter modelling on the XD-V75.

This EQ Filter modelling provides you with the quick tools you need to dial in the perfect settings for your voice, and will even take into account microphone position, your environment as well as your style of performance.

From spoken word to signing, the Line 6 XD-V75HS Wireless Headset Microphone can handle it all.

The unit features full 24-bit, uncompressed audio up to 300ft, can operate up to 14 channels on the licence free 2.4GHz band and provides up to 8 hours of use via 2 x AA batteries.

This is a professional option for those who need versatility and reliability.

Line 6 XD-V75HS Wireless Headset Microphone in Tan


If you’re on a budget but you need a professional level headset microphone capable of taking soaring vocals or the softest of spoken word, then the Alto Radius 200H Headset Wireless System is another great option.

Much like the microphone in the previous section, you have a True Diversity receiver at your disposal which utilizes two antenna systems and two separate receiver sections, providing you with a clear signal at all times.

If there’s a dropout or interference, the receiver will automatically switch to the optimal frequency.

Again, you have a 100-meter frequency range, so you’re able to move freely around the stage or throughout your church, venue, outdoor celebration.

It’s a “bulletproof” wireless microphone performance!

Alto Radius 200H Headset Wireless System

Option 3: Backing Band And You WILL Be Singing

Ok, so you’re super talented and you’ll be signing AND speaking with a live band. You have a couple of options here, as there are two microphones ideal for this setup.

The headset microphone can handle the change from spoken word to singing vocals easily, so we’d definitely recommend any of the 3 wireless headset microphones we’ve just discussed above.

However, if you prefer to be able to hold on to a microphone, as most singers do, but you also want to be able to move freely around the room and across the stage, a handheld wireless microphone system is the best choice.



The industry-standard Shure SM58 gets the wireless treatment here to provide singers and vocalists with that signature Shure reliability.

It’s everything you love about the wired SM58, just without the wire!

The Shure GLXD24UK / SM58 Digital Wireless Microphone System runs on the license-free 2.4 GHz frequency, has automatic frequency management to ensure you’re on the optimal channel at all times and provides you with that familiar Shure reliability professional vocalists have come to depend on.

A rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable battery ensures you’re never caught out without power!

By far, one of the best wireless handheld microphones for church available today.

2. Wharfedale AeroLine D-206A Wireless Microphone System

The Wharfedale range of wireless microphone transmitters are some of our favourites here at PMT and the Wharfedale AeroLine D-206A Wireless Microphone System is by far one of the best wireless microphones for church sound systems available today. It's also VERY budget friendly. 

If you like to hold your microphone, and want a reliable, wireless option then this is a great choice.

The key point here is that you get superb digital clarity and reliability thanks to the dual antennas. The signal automatically switches to the optimal antenna so you get high quality audio capture at all times. 

The super-cardioid polar pattern ensures all your unwanted background noise is eliminated too!

With an 80m range, 7 hour battery life and the True Diversity Wireless technology built in, you have a professional set up at a budget-friendly price point.

Wharfedale AeroLine D-206A Wireless Microphone System
Wharfedale AeroLine D-206A Wireless Microphone System


The all in one Sennheiser XSW 2-865 Wireless Microphone System has been expertly crafted for singers and vocalists in need of high quality, highly portable options.

The Sennheiser XSW 2-865 operates on the channel 38 (606-630 MHz, licence required) frequency to deliver extremely reliable, interference-free operation whilst the microphone itself features a condenser capsule with super-cardioid pattern to provide the professional level sound you need.

The automatic frequency detection ensures your wireless mic is constantly looking for the optimal channel - if something goes wrong the receiver changes to a better channel so your sound is always top notch.

Sennheiser XSW 2-865 Wireless Microphone System


Are you wondering "where's the best church sound system installation near me?" well, look no further as our dedicated church sound system installation team can help create a complete church music system solution based on your bespoke needs.

Our friendly team will be able to advise on all aspects of church sound systems.

Here at PMT, we specialize in helping churches of all sizes, from the smaller setups to large churches get the best PA system to suit their needs.

We have a deep understanding of exactly what churches need to get the best out of their sound system and our PA experts in-store and online are on hand to advise on the best choice for you.

We can handle everything from a single set of PA speakers to a complete church sound system set up including PA speakers, mixers, stands, leads, and microphones.

If you’re looking for the best deals on church sound systems or need us to create a bespoke church sound system bundle, speak to your local PA expert in any of our local PMT Stores, or call our team now on 0151 448 2089.

Updated: 2020-11-10