When you love your music, the last thing you want is poor quality sound from your speakers. Good quality audio makes all the difference, whether you’re at home relaxing with your favourite albums, streaming music through your phone, laptop or tablet or busting out your favourite tracks beside the pool on holiday or in the garden.

There’s a few things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for your set up.

First you need to think whether you want the ability to change tonal settings like treble and bass, be able to hook your guitar up to it or just be able to throw the speaker into your backpack or overhead luggage compartment for parties around the pool.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the some of the best Bluetooth speakers for music lovers and musicians including offerings from the likes of V-Moda, Fender, Marshall and more.


The V-Moda earphones and headphones are already world-renowned for their incredible sound quality, so it was only a matter of time before they released one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

After 3 years of research and over 50 prototype models, the V-Moda Remix Wireless Bluetooth Speaker was born, delivering high-fidelity audio and world-class sound.

Incidentally, the V-Moda Remix is the world’s first portable Bluetooth speaker with a built-in headphone amplifier, so the audiophiles out there will enjoy the fact they can tune in and drop out with the extra 83mW x 2 of power pumping through their high-impedance headphones.

There are 9 watts at your disposal, so it’s loud enough for around the home and apartments, and easily used around the garden or swimming pool when you’re on holiday.

A wireless range of 33ft, a weight of just 850g, and up to 10+ hours of playback come together to make this a fantastic option for those who value high-quality audio.

In addition, you can also send away to V-Moda and have custom 3D printed sleeves, grills and sides made, allowing you to customise your speaker and choose from an array of different designs to suit your mood or home décor.

The ability to link with Amazon Alexa via Echo Dot and Bluetooth and summon Siri or OK Google thanks to the built-in microphone is also a fantastic addition and one of the reasons we think it’s a contender for best Bluetooth speaker.


We’re on the slightly bigger scale with this Alto Uber PA Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker, as it’s actually an active PA speaker capable of providing high-quality sound for around home, parties, dance halls, school sports days and more.

However, it’s still one of the best Bluetooth speakers around thanks to its 50 watts of power, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery with 50 hours of use and USB charging port for phones, tablets and other devices.

The 6.5-inch speaker is large enough for bigger parties and the rugged outer construction is ideal for transporting your speaker – especially handy when you’re busking or performing solo.

The line in/XLR connection is great for plugging your acoustic and line-level instruments as well as your microphones at the same time, making it a great option for touring duos, wedding bands and public speakers.

However, should you just want to listen to your music, the easy pairing and 90 Hz to 20 kHz output frequency make sure your music is sounding amazing at all volumes.


The Boss Katana Air arrives hot on the heels of the success of the Boss Katana series of amplifiers, so we're going to appeal to both music lovers and guitarists with this one.

The katana Air is actually the worlds first wireless guitar amplifier, offering not only great sounding Bluetooth audio that you can stream, but superb quality guitar tones and a wireless playing experience, as well.

With full battery support, you don’t have to worry about AC adapters and wires getting lost or tangled - making it ideal for apartments, dorm rooms and desks.

However, if you don’t have 8 x AA batteries lying around, you’ll be pleased to know that you get the AC adapter included.

The Bluetooth streaming is made possible by pairing the amp with your Bluetooth enable device, where you can jam along thanks to the included custom wireless transmitter that plugs into your guitar jack.

You have 30 watts of pure power here straight out of the box, stunning stereo sound from your MP3s and streamed music, as well as the the ability to play guitar wirelessly thanks to the custom wireless transmitter which plugs into any electric guitar.

The transmitter also charges while docked in the amp, so you're never short of power.

We could go on all day about how great a guitar amplifier it is and why its one of the best Bluetooth speakers for musicians, but you should just listen to it here when we took it for a spin at NAMM 2018:


The Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier has always been renowned for its crystal-clear sound, allowing musicians to enjoy accurate representations of their instrument.

Fortunately, the team at Roland have transferred this solid-state technology across to their Roland JC-01 Bluetooth Audio Speaker. Set it flat and you get crystal clear ‘clean’ tones that ensure your sound isn’t coloured whatsoever by anything.

However, should you want to tweak the bass or treble the option is there. Fun fact, the bass out of this thing is incredible considering its size!

An easy pairing button ensures you can hook the speaker up to your Bluetooth device and the built-in microphone means you can make calls hands free.

The built in rechargeable battery provides up to 7 hours continuous playback over Bluetooth connection or you can keep it plugged in via the included standard USB AC adaptor.

At 650 grams it’s extremely easy to carry and the smaller 187mm length means it won’t take up too much room on a desk or shelf.

Plus, it just looks really cool too! A great option for the Jazz Chorus fans or people who want one of the best Bluetooth speakers capable of providing a huge sound without taking up too much room.


We’re starting to get into the realms of loud, party style speakers now.

The Fender Newport 30w Bluetooth Speaker provides a huge amount of sound ideal for the likes of barbecues, small parties and gatherings but also makes a great speaker for around the home.

The tri-driver (2 woofers, 1 tweeter) pumps out 30 watts of sound, so you’re going to hear it whether you’re at the other side of the garden or anywhere in the house.

It weighs just 1.5kg, so it’s one of the best Bluetooth speakers in terms of portability.

A rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours use and the ability to stream CD and AAC quality audio thanks to aptX, AAC, SBC codec technology will appeal to the audiophiles out there.

Witch hat knobs to adjust the treble, bass and volume pay homage to the Fender line of amplifiers and the speaker grille is the icing on the cake.

A cool looking Bluetooth speaker for Fender fans.


The Fender Monterey 120w Bluetooth Speaker is the bigger brother of the Newport, providing 120watts of power.

This is the Bluetooth speaker you need for those big garden parties, functions or if you really don’t like your neighbours.

Considering the aptX, AAC, SBC and CD-quality audio support, this makes the list of best Bluetooth speakers with flying colours already, but the addition of a world of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, mini Jack or RCA jacks means you can connect almost any audio source like phones, laptops, guitars, DJ controllers, desktops and more – it’s a great all-rounder for the musicians and those who want to plug instruments hi-fis, turntables and more.

What’s more, is that you also have the onboard mic so you can make calls and use your voice-activated assistants such as Siri and Ok Google.

At 6kgs the Fender Monterey 120w Bluetooth Speaker is still very portable, so you’re not going to find it awkward to bring it with you. It's mains powered so it makes a great dorm room option and a static option for parties - the 4 speakers (2 Woofers, 2 Tweeters) are capable of pushing around a lot of air – the room will hear the crystal-clear audio without any problem.

The overall look is inspired by the classic Fender ’68 Custom amplifiers and every detail has been meticulously designed by the team at Fender including speaker grill, witch hat knobs, amp jewel and control labels. Wherever you need powerful sound, this will supply it in buckets.


Next up we have the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker, which will, of course, appeal to anyone who loves live music!

This is the medium-sized option from the Marshall; Bluetooth speaker range and sits in between the larger Woburn and the smaller Acton speakers, presenting music lovers with a fantastic opportunity to get a hold of some great memorabilia from the world-class amplifier brand.

The same effort that goes into creating their Marshall amplifiers has gone into this, resulting in one of the best Bluetooth speakers around.

This certainly does look amazing thanks to the classic Marshall grille and logo as well as brass accents and brushed brass control panel, but it’s the sound that sets it apart.

Thanks to the 50-Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer and the two 15-watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters you get 100dB of sound, which is pretty loud indeed!

This means you get high-quality audio even at louder levels, making it a great option for the home, dorm room or party.

Connectivity is a breeze thanks to the Pair and Source buttons and the 3.5mm input and RCA inputs make it a great option for those with vinyl players and those who have guitars that they want to be able to plug-in from time to time.

Also available in Cream and Brown.


The Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker, seen here in the very modern Cream colour is the smallest of the Marshall Bluetooth speakers, but still extremely powerful.

Packed within this very portable speaker you have one 30-Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer and two 10-Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters so it’s perfect for smaller apartments, around the house, something for backstage or even the garden parties as summer rolls around.

The treble and volume control allow you to tweak the output of your sound to your liking, but be warned, the bass out of this is massive! You get a 3.5mm cable included so you can hook up your music device if you don’t have Bluetooth, however, you still get CD quality and higher sound via Bluetooth streaming. T

he 3kg weight makes it easy to carry around and the 265 x 160 x 150 mm size ensures it can be tucked away nicely or fit on a shelf.


If you’re a guitarist and you want the best of both worlds, where you can enjoy Bluetooth streaming and the ability to plug in and jam out of a great amplifier, then the Blackstar ID:Core Beam Bluetooth Guitar Amp is ideal.

The ID:Core BEAM, pictured here in Limited Edition Red finish provides incredible guitar tones thanks to the fact you have two basses, six electric guitars, two acoustic and two acoustic simulator voices within the amp.

But we’re not here to talk about the guitar tones, are we?!

The hi-fi qualities of this Bluetooth speaker really bring out the best in your music, whether you’re streaming via phone, laptop, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

The use of Blackstar’s Super Wide Stereo sound ensures your music completely fills the room making it a great option for apartments as well as any travelling musicians who want something easy to carry (it weighs just over 3kg) or a practice amp for around the house.


The Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System may be the biggest option here, being a PA system, but it’s easily one of the best Bluetooth speakers for DJs, events managers, schools and anyone who needs a portable speaker that they can make changes to on the fly via their smartphone or tablet.

The cool thing about the Konnect, is that you don’t need years of audio experience to operate the unit.

The simple interface and pairing with Bluetooth devices is made even more convenient thanks to the Konnect app which allows you to wirelessly control the mix – ideal for dance studios, public speakers, background music, MC’s and more.

There’s connections for mics and line level instruments as well as dedicated channel effects, so you’re set for all environments and the intuitive layout on the back is quick and easy to operate.

The 6.5-inch woofer and two tweeters deliver a total of up to 180W of power, so everyone is going to hear you!

The 5.3 kg weight makes it a highly portable option for those on the move, such as Yoga teachers and corporate speakers, and the ability to mount it on a speaker pole makes installation and pack down easy.

If you want a big sound, need to appeal to a larger audience and want something easy to use, this is the one for you.

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Updated: 2020-07-01