These are 7 of the best Bluetooth guitar amps & wireless guitar amps ideal for practice at home & gigs.

These days we don’t want to be restricted to a guitar lead keeping us close to our amp or have to deal with complicated set ups just so we can stream music/backing tracks – which is why we’ve compiled our 7 best bluetooth guitar amps.

These are some of the best amplifiers that can be played wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can also act as a Bluetooth speaker for guitar, allowing you to stream music, play backing tracks or, with the aid of a wireless receiver, play guitar without the use of a guitar lead.

1. Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp

 Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp

The Blackstar Fly series of amplifiers is already an incredibly popular line of guitar amps, so it made sense that they’d bring out one of the best Bluetooth guitar amps available today. The Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp takes all the portability of the Fly series and includes Bluetooth functionality so you can stream your music wirelessly from your smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device/PC/laptop.

As a Bluetooth speaker for guitar, it’s got an incredible range of tone considering its small size. The 2-channel design features a combi input that can accept an XLR or line-level instrument as well as a guitar input that is switchable between acoustic and electric. The latter channel also features an overdrive function so you can really dig in when you’re jamming. Both channels feature independent EQ and reverb controls so you can sculpt your tone. Perfect for buskers and those who need something for jamming on. Also available in Silver HERE.

2. Boss Katana Air Guitar Amplifier

Boss Katana Air Guitar Amplifier

The Boss Katana Air Guitar Amplifier is quickly becoming one of the go-to Bluetooth guitar amps for musicians who need something for jam sessions and practice at home. This fits easily in our blog as it’s actually the first wireless guitar amp that makes set up and impromptu jams a breeze.

In terms of sound, the Boss Katana Air Guitar Amplifier has 5 unique amp models built-in and provides integrated access to 50 Boss Effects via the Boss Tone Studio App. It’s also a stereo amplifier with up to 30 watts of power, so it’s loud enough for jams at home and practice sessions.

The wireless part is where this amp really shines. This is a great Bluetooth speaker for guitar playing as it includes a custom wireless transmitter that plugs into your guitar and instantly talks to the amp as soon as you move the guitar. Simply leave the transmitter in the guitar and the amp will wake up when you pick your guitar up. Bluetooth connectivity not only allows you to connect to the Tone Studio app and change parameters wirelessly but also allows for streaming of music and backing tracks. The amp is also battery or AC powered for complete wireless freedom.

3. Fender Mustang GT 200 Combo Amplifier

Fender Mustang GT 200

The Fender Mustang GT 200 Combo Amplifier is one of the best Bluetooth guitar amps for professional players and those who want a complete gig worthy option full of tonal variety. As far as Bluetooth speakers for guitar go, this is up there with the best as it includes 200 watts of pure power busting out of 2 x Custom Celestion speakers – so it’s ideal for the stages and festivals of the world.

This is actually the worlds first wi-fi equipped amplifier too, so you can actually download updates and Fender artist-created presets once you’ve finished playing with the 21 different amp models and 47 high-quality effects already built-in – directly to the amp.

It’s on our Bluetooth guitar amp list as the Fender Mustang GT (along with the others in the range) has built-in Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music between sets or play along to backing tracks at shows. This is the professional level Bluetooth guitar amp you’ve been looking for.


4. Fender Mustang GTX50 Modelling Guitar Amp

Fender Mustang GTX50 Modelling Guitar Amp

Next up we have the successor to the GT range of amps. The Fender Mustang GTX50 is one of the best Bluetooth capable amplifiers on the market today packed with 40 amp models and so many effects that you'll never have to buy a pedal again!

You also have 200 onboard presets that you can select and edit thanks to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Simply download the free Fender TONE 3.0 app which offers more amps and presets and take complete control of your sound and stream music through your device to the amp. The Fender Mustang GTX50 Modelling Guitar Amp also features WiFi connectivity, so the amp is always updated. You can also take control of your effects via the Fender GTX-7 Footswitch, too!

In terms of power and sound, you have 50 watts of solid state power, pumping out through a single 12" Celestion speaker - more than enough for gigs.

If you want an amp that can play every genre under the sun and provides you with a world of quality effects, the Fender Mustang GTX is one of the best options.

Also available:

5. Blackstar Misfits 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp

Blackstar Misfits 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp

We've included this Blackstar Misfits 3 Bluetooth amplifier as it packs a mighty sound as well as evoking a sense of fun. It's ideal for home, practice and will look awesome in any rehearsal room.

This has all the makings of a classic Blackstar Amp but in a compact, versatile and portable size. The bluetooth functionality is going to come in handy offering up wireless connectivity. It's also a no-brainer for fans of Misfits with that unmistakable and iconic imagery lashed across the front grill.

Lastly, you have 3 watts of pure power busting out your own music or any music/backing tracks you might want to stream through the amp via Bluetooth. With clean and overdrive channels this is a great Bluetooth guitar amp that’s ready for your practice room.

6. Blackstar ID Core Beam Bluetooth Amp

Blackstar ID Core Beam

The new Blackstar ID:Core BEAM amplifiers are some of the best Bluetooth guitar amps you can get your hands on thanks to the huge amount of voices built-in, portability and price. At just over £200 you get two bass, six electric guitars, two acoustic and two acoustic simulator voices as well as a host of excellent effects. Ideal for guitarists of all genres.

This is also the perfect Bluetooth speaker for guitar players who need to record, rehearse and stream music via Bluetooth. You can connect the Blackstar ID:Core Beam directly to your DAW via USB for instant recording, stream backing tracks and music to the amplifier and enjoy a whole host of world-class tones with or without headphones.

Best of all, the amp is entirely portable, weighing in at a mere 4.8 Kgs so you can take it with you anywhere, use it as part of your home studio setup, and take it to guitar practice with ease.

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7. Boss Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

Boss Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

Ok, this isn't an amp - as you've probably noticed. It's actually an incredible wireless amplifier built into a set of very comfortable, studio-quality headphones.

The Boss Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System provides a complete "amp in room" experience thanks to a gyro sensor that gives you the impression you're jamming with a real Katana amp. Plug the included transmitter into your guitar, stick the headphones on and you're good to go.

You turn your head and the amp stays where it is, whether you want it behind you or in front - in fact, you can position the amp wherever you like via your smartphone and the use of the BOSS Tone Studio app. You can also make it feel like you're playing with your favourite band on stage thanks to the 'Live' setting. best of all, you have the entire suite of Katana sounds and effects at your disposal.

This is one of the best Bluetooth amps as it allows you to practice wirelessly and recreate the sound of a live "in room" amplifier. Get in touch with the team at PMT if you'd like to place an order of this gear.

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