When you want to take your acoustic guitar out on the road, need a good busking amp or just want to find the best acoustic guitar amp to suit your needs, look no further! Here are our top 7 best acoustic guitar amps to suit all budgets

Just because you have an acoustic guitar, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the world of amplifiers! Whether you’re an experienced acoustic guitar player in need of something to gig with or a busking amp to earn some money with, or you’re starting to add a new dynamic to your acoustic sound, there are plenty of different acoustic guitar amps out there to suit your unique needs. You might just need something that makes your sound louder or you could want a whole host of built in effects and functionality, there’s no doubt this can be a tough one to navigate if you don't know what you're looking for.

So today we’re going to look at our top 7 best acoustic amps to help you make the right choice. Here they are in price ascending order.

1. Boss Acoustic Singer Live Acoustic Amplifier 60

Boss Acoustic Singer Live Acoustic Amplifier 60

First up we have the Boss Acoustic Singer Live Acoustic Amplifier 60 – an extremely professional amplifier designed specifically for acoustic performers in need of a separate line level and XLR microphone connections.

This is the 60-watt version of the two Acoustic Singer amps released by BOSS. There’s also a 120-watt version, but for now we’ve gone with this one as it’s a little more portable than its bigger brother.
You have 60 watts of power pumping out of a custom-designed 6.5-inch woofer and dome tweeter which are amplified separately, so there’s plenty of volume for gigs whether you’re indoors or outside playing festivals. In addition, you’ve got two channels; one for vocals and one for guitar. The vocal channel has a world of effects and useful features to choose from including a dual XLR/jack balanced input, pad attenuator, EQ, anti-feedback and delay/echo and reverb effects as well as a foot switchable harmonist feature.

The acoustic guitar channel has an EQ, anti-feedback and reverb setting as well as two different types of chorus effects. Best of all, there’s a foot switchable looper so you can create tracks on the fly, mixing both vocal and acoustic sounds with unlimited overdubs. There’s not a lot that this acoustic amp can’t do. One of the best acoustic amps for professionals and those who need to perform.

2. Ashdown AA-50-R 50w Acoustic Combo Amp with Reverb

Ashdown AA-50-R 50w Acoustic Combo Amp with Reverb

Ashdown have a long tradition of crafting hardworking amplifiers trusted by industry professionals all over the world. So, when you choose the Ashdown AA-50-R 50w Acoustic Combo Amp with Reverb, you’re choosing an amplifier that has been created to the most stringent standards and one of the best acoustic guitar amplifiers in terms of build quality, sound quality and price.

The Ashdown AA-50-R 50w Acoustic Combo Amp with Reverb has 50 watts of pure power, making it loud enough for gigs, open mic nights and coffee shop acoustic performances. You have inputs for your acoustic guitar as well as your microphone with independent volume controls, making it a great option for singer songwriters and acoustic duos as well as an array of tuning features such as phase reverse and feedback eliminating notch filters.

Beautifully designed wooden cabinets, superior sound and expert control – this is a fantastic acoustic guitar amplifier that won’t let you down. Also available Ashdown AA-100-R 100w Acoustic Combo Amp with Reverb - when you need to go louder with 100 watts!

3. Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo

 Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo

The Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo has been designed for the travelling musicians out there as well as the acoustic guitarists whom demand more from their acoustic guitar!

The Yamaha THR5A amplifier provides acoustic guitarists with a wide variety of different sounds and mic pre-amps within the one conveniently sized amp. You have 5 different settings to choose from which reproduce the sound of different mics and amplifier models such as Condenser, Dynamic, Tube, a specific Nylon string guitar setting and Electric guitar clean for crystal clear tube amp tones.

In addition, you can also make good use of a huge amount of effects including compressor, chorus, delay and reverb. Want more? No problem, simply download the free THR Editor software and enjoy even more effects that can be added to your amplifier such as noises gates, flangers, tremolo effects and more.

This makes our best acoustic guitar amps blog thanks to the fact THR amps sound amazing, has a myriad of different sonic options and it’s like carrying a complete studio around with you! One of the best small acoustic guitar amps under £200 in the world today.

4. Orange Crush Acoustic 30w Combo Amp

Orange Crush Acoustic 30w Combo Amp

The new Orange Crush Acoustic 30w Combo Amp is a lightweight, portable and great-sounding acoustic guitar amp designed for professional players and musicians who demand the highest quality sound at all times. Travelling musicians will appreciate the fact the amp is only 6.12kg in weight, but still pushes out a whopping 30 watts of power, making it an impressive touring partner.

The fact you can power it via the included AC adapter or 10 x AA batteries making it one of the best busking amps too. You actually get 3 hours of power at full volume, 5 hours at 50%, and a whopping 8 hours at lower volume, so you're covered for outdoor gigs.

You have two channels at your disposal. Channel 1 is for an acoustic guitar, whilst Channel 2 has been designed for Microphones. Both channels include independent tone sculpting options and the onboard Reverb And Chorus Digital FX With Blend and Level controls allow you to add effects to both channels or just the one.

One of the best acoustic guitar amps for performing musicians made by one of the most well-respected amplifier brands in the world - a great choice.

5. Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo

Marshall AS50D Acoustic Combo

Since its release, the Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo has been relied upon by acoustic guitar performers, duos and acoustic soloists everywhere thanks to its selection of input features, high quality sound typical of Marshall amps and intuitive anti-feedback controls. You have two channels at your disposal, one for your acoustic guitar and another for your microphone which provides phantom power through an XLR connection. In addition, you can even play pre-recorded backing tracks, MP3s or hook up a CD player via Channel 2, making it ideal for those who need backing tracks or just something to play in between sets.

The Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier also features 2 x specially designed 8” Celestion speakers to provide superb, rich, clean tones that really bring out the best in your guitar. Professional performers and those who frequent open mic nights will enjoy the anti-feedback control, Phase switch and a frequency controllable Notch filter, ensuring you can zone in on those unwanted frequencies that cause feedback and remove them entirely. Leaving you to play without unwanted noise.

6. Fender Acoustic 100 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustic 100 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The Fender Acoustic 100 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier has been crafted for the professional guitarists out there, but at a budget friendly price range, allowing acoustic guitarists of all levels to be able to enjoy high quality amplified sound. You have 100 watts at your disposal as well as 2 channels with independent EQ, FX and Phase controls – perfect for those singer-songwriters and performing music duos. An 8” full-range speaker that has been maximised by the use of a whizzer cone provides all the lush dynamics and a beautiful representation of your acoustic sound whilst the finished plywood shell ensure a natural and resonant sound.

There’s also a Bluetooth receiver built-in to the fender acoustic 100 amplifier which allows you to stream your favourite tracks through the amp in between sets or play backing tracks from your phone or Bluetooth enabled device.

A great sounding, vintage inspired amplifier that is one of the best acoustic guitar amps for the pro musicians out there and those in need of a powerful option for larger gigs. More Fender acoustic amps available here.

7. Roland AC90 Acoustic Amplifier

Roland AC90 Acoustic Amplifier

The Roland AC90 Acoustic Amplifier is a highly portable and extremely powerful stereo amplifier perfect for solo musicians and one of the best acoustic guitar amps you can get your hands on thanks to the inclusion of separate guitar and mic/line channels, effects and the all-important anti-feedback control!

You have 90 watts of stereo power (45W+45W) pumping out of twin speakers to deliver a rich acoustic sound with a projection that is surprising considering its small size, making it a great option to gig and busk with. The 2 channels with independent EQ and effects allow you to dial in your perfect live sound, whilst the anti-feedback function keeps your sound on form throughout the longest of gigs. A stereo AUX input allows you to hook up your MP3 players etc and play any backing tracks you may have, or jam along to your favourite tracks – perfect for acoustic duos and solo performers alike.

Reverb and chorus effects add an entirely new dynamic to your sound and the phantom-powered microphone input makes it a great option should you need to use it as a PA system– a perfect option for touring musicians and one of the best acoustic guitar amps you could wish to play.

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