Yamaha THR Amps

Yamaha THR Amplifiers are a popular range of Desktop Guitar Amplifiers, portable enough to take anywhere, that deliver versatile tone and retro style.

Serious Off-Stage Sounds

These portable, lunchbox-style guitar amps are perfect for players that want the manipulation offered by a full-size combo, without the restrictions of size and weight. Practice in the studio, at home, and in your bedroom with full tone tweaking tools at your disposal.

The original desktop amp

There's a reason why these Yamaha amps have been dubbed 'The Original' desktop amp. These unique and stylish looking amplifiers have a distinctive character and aesthetic. With each design element carefully considered, the final result is something striking that is also capable of blending into any environment.

Why buy Yamaha THR?

The Yamaha THR models are trusted amongst the guitar community for their awesome sound. The compact, sleek and portable nature of these amplifiers also makes them ideal to have around the house. Their manoeuvrability also makes them easy to transport to the rehearsal room and small shows, making them ideal for beginner guitarists as well as convenient for seasoned players seeking something practical.

THR models are totally wireless

These stylistic amplifiers also offer a sense of freedom as they're completely wireless. This enables you to play the guitar and move around all without those annoying cables getting in the way. It also makes these amps look smart and tidy in any household. The THR models also feature Bluetooth connectivity which offers audio playback, you can access this through the THR Mobile Editor which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Amplifiers packed with effects and features

Despite their size - these amps are also packed with awesome built-in features and effects. They're built with virtual circuitry modelling which offers a realistic tone and feel. Extended stereo technology will also provide a wide sound field from its compact enclosure. The amps also come pre-loaded with 8 effects plus bass, acoustic and flat voicing.

Which Yamaha THR to buy

Browse the full range of Yamaha THR Amps here at PMT Online, including the popular THR10 and brand new Wireless desktop amps including the THR10II and THR30II. This should help you decide which THR model is most suited to you and your budget, however, if you're still unsure, you can contact your nearest PMT store to speak to one of our experts.

As an authorised Yamaha dealer - you can trust PMT. We've got dedicated experts across all of our stores on hand to discuss these products in more depth. Our many stores have active demonstration areas so you can try out products like these THR Yamaha amps. We also carry lots more Yamaha products across speakers, keyboards, drums and guitars which can be further explored at PMT online.